This official Game update FAQ is a collection of direct quotes copied verbatim from the RuneScape Official Forums. It is copyrighted by Jagex.
These FAQs were announced on 28 March 2012. An archived version can be viewed here.

Updated: 29th February

What is this Squeal of Fortune thing?

Squeal of Fortune is every adventurer’s chance to win big! Every day you sign in to RuneScape, Yelps the goblin will invite you to try your luck on the Squeal of Fortune for a chance to win a huge prize. Whether you’re a seasoned RuneScape veteran or are still discovering Lumbridge, everyone’s a winner in this game of luck! Prizes vary from essential edibles to epic exclusives. That’s right, you simply can’t lose!

Who is Yelps?

Yelps is a magnanimous goblin blessed with a streak of benevolence and a very punchable face. Every day, you’ll have chance to have a go at both of Yelps’s most noteworthy features, as he’s the ‘host’ of Squeal of Fortune.

Why have you introduced Squeal of Fortune?

Who doesn’t enjoy a little windfall from time to time? Everyone should feel the rush of winning and Squeal of Fortune delivers a win with every spin! From RuneScape’s finest vegetables to a host of once-in-a-lifetime items, Yelp has acquired a bottomless stash of awesome stuff just waiting to be shared with you.

How does it work?

For every spin, Yelp looks at his stash of prizes and chooses 13 (lucky for some!) items to be placed onto the Squeal of Fortune. Then don your lucky underwear, cross your fingers and let luck take control as you hit the ‘STOP’ button and your prize is revealed. If you’re a member then don’t uncross your fingers just yet; you’ve got a second win to spin. Yes, members get double the number of spins per day!

What can I win?

Yelps’s generosity knows no bounds! You might be lucky enough to take home the greenest and purest of organic cabbages, a much sought after tailor-made godsword, or maybe something even more desirable still!

Are the stats for "lucky" equipment the same as for the regular versions?

That's right, the stats are exactly the same. That lucky godsword hits just as hard as a normal one!

Did you consider making the 'Lucky' items degradable?

Yes, we did consider it but decided not to. If we created lucky versions of currently degradable items, they would indeed degrade.

How often can I try my luck?

RuneScape members get two spins every day! If you’re free to play, you can still win big by spinning the Squeal of Fortune once per day.

When does the wheel reset each day? I want to spin again!

The wheel gets its daily spins added at 0:00 GMT.

As a free player, can I still spin the Squeal of Fortune?

Absolutely! Free players also have the chance to win the prize of their dreams by spinning the wheel once every day.

How do I qualify to get access to the wheel! I logged in and didn’t get one!

Players currently at the very beginning of the game OR in tutorial mode will not get access to the wheel. We may well adjust that in the future.

If I spin the wheel more than once, might I win two of the same prize?

It’s random, so you sure can. Luck can work in mysterious ways!

Am I missing out on getting the ultra rare prizes just because I lagged/ misclicked?

Rest assured that you'll never lose out on a prize because you clicked at the wrong time or you experienced lag. The best way to maximise your chance to win is to use your available spins every day, so lady luck has as many chances as possible to shower you with favour.

What will happen if I accidently close the interface to spin the Squeal of Fortune? Will I lose my daily spins?

Not at all – just log out and back in again, and Yelps’ll be right where you left him.

What unique rewards are there?

There are just too many to list them all here, but don’t worry; we’ll be giving regular updates on who’s won what and what new items are being added to Yelps’s wheel. Stay tuned!

Are prizes going to be tradable?

We have no plans for the high value items to be tradable.

Could you add the rare items or 'Lucky' items to our Adventurers Log?

Way ahead of you! Rare/lucky wins on the Squeal of Fortune are displayed in your Adventurer’s Log already.

Why did you not include discontinued, Third Age etc. on the Squeal of Fortune?

The wheel has plenty of cool rewards already! Currently the Squeal of fortune has a wide variety of rewards suitable for a range of different sorts of players. We are likely to add other rewards in the future!

Are previous vanity items included as potential rewards?

Possibly in the future, but currently the only cosmetic items are the new Squeal-specific items, such as the swagger stick and the horns.

Could the introduction of some of the 'Lucky' items cause the demand for non-lucky items from boss kills and such to decrease?

Not likely, certainly not in the long term. First off, the chance of obtaining one of these items from Squeal of Fortune is low. What’s more, the ‘lucky’ versions work slightly differently, in that they’re non-tradable and are destroyed if lost in the Wilderness. There may well be some price decreases in the short term, but in the long term there really won’t be enough of these items coming into the game to make a significant change to their non-lucky versions.

What happens if I die with the non-tradable items from the Squeal of Fortune?

The non tradable items are “Destroyed on Drop” and you can choose to keep them in the “Items Kept on Death” interface. They will not be in your gravestone upon your return.

If we die in PvP and lose a 'Lucky' item, will our killer receive any loot? If they don't, surely this is unfair as it is misleading them to thinking we are wielding expensive items?

No, the PKer won’t receive anything based upon the fact that you’re carrying a lucky item. The ‘lucky’ items do have a different look to the standard versions, though, and remember that it works both ways – you’re taking a big risk by bringing an item into the wilderness that will be destroyed if you die.

Will there ever be any ways to get more spins on the wheel, like maybe from loyalty points?

That’s not a bad idea - we are exploring many ideas and ways of giving more spins. We have all sorts of feedback from the forums and we will consider it all!

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