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These FAQs were announced on 18 January 2013.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Updated: 18/01/13

The Kalphite King
There are no Magic and Ranged equivalents for the new Drygore weapons. Will Magic and Ranged be receiving level 90 weapons soon?

Mod Mark: That’s the plan! I can’t say when though.

What are the differences between the Kalphite Queen and the Exiled Kalphite Queen?

Mod Hunter: The two kalphite queens are both very similar, both have lived through many generations of kalphites. In recent years the exiled queen has gained more strength..

Will Kalphite Queen, Spirit Kalphite and Kalphites from Love Story and Kalphite Soldier from Player-Owned Houses get updated in the near future?

Mod Hunter: We had planned to update the kalphite queen within the same update, however due to the Christmas break this wasn't possible. We chose not to delay the update for her sake, but you may see a fresh queen in the coming weeks.

Two nests, two queens: only one can stay. Will there be a quest related to the conflict between two Kalphite nests?

Mod Hunter: I created a background story which the new environment was based on, so a quest around the kalphites is possible but not currently planned.

Are there more Kalphite nests hidden under the sands of the Kharidian desert?

Mod Hunter: After consulting natural historians, archaeological experts and a weird old man the answer was a definitive no, although they said the same of the exiled queen's hive.

What will be the next boss you'll be releasing or planning to release in near future?

Mod Mark: The next significant combat challenge will take place in the ranger slayer dungeon I spoke about in the posts earlier in the year.

Why were these new kalphites exiled? Did Scabaras have anything to do with it?

Mod Hunter: At the end of the previous queens reign two queens rose at once, which caused a rift within the hive. The regular kalphites could each hear different queens and conflicts arose. Eventually the exiled queen was forced to flee, laying in wait while gaining strength in her new hive.

Will you add any sort of teleport to the Exiled Hive? Currently, the fastest way is to use a Cramulet or flying carpet, which still takes you a bit far off.

Mod Mark: Possibly in the future yes.

Will the weird old man somehow be involved with the kalphites? Is he Iqbar Ali-Abdula?

Mod Hunter: He is a character who would be involved with the kalphites. I asked his name, and all he said was "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH".

Hati & Skoll
Since we had Hati in 2011 and Sköll in 2012, I expected to see Fenrir (their father) join them in 2013. Why didn't you add Fenrir this year?

Mod Mark: Gleipnir still has him. You will have to wait a little longer.

Why is Hati voiced, but not Sköll?

Mod Mark: I have no idea! I’ll go ask the audio team and get them to post.

When will the update adding pets to the customization system be released?

Mod Mark: The coding has just finished, so we just have to get it tested! Soon.

Combat Updates
Why can't we make it reversible to remove the chaotic spikes from the claws? I might want to sell my claws in future!

Mod Mark: We decided it should really be a one way operation for a variety of reasons. If you want the chaotic claws you’ll have to sacrifice the ability to resell the dragon claws.

Will we ever get end-gear equipment that's NOT degradable?

Mod Mark: Unlikely. I think that paying upkeep cost is appropriate for players with such high GP earning potential.

What's the lore behind being able to add Chaotic material to Dragon items? There aren't even claw weapons in Dungeoneering!

Mod Mark: Thok demanded it, and what Thok wants, THOK GETS!

When are you going to take a look at dual wielding? Right now, it's always better to use 2H weapons when using abilities because of the 150% damage. It's useless unless you use Momentum.

Mod Mark: We are looking at it right now. Well, not right now because I am writing this FAQ. But after!

Do you have plans to upgrade other Dragon weapons to Chaotic in future?

Mod Mark: No.

What will be the next high-level combat gear we'll be seeing in the near future?

Mod Mark: Ranger offensive gear!

With the release of level 90 weaponry for Melee, why hasn't the Magic damage cap been raised?

Mod Mark: I don’t believe that’s necessary right now.

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