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These FAQs were announced on 8 March 2013. An archived version can be viewed here.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Warning! This FAQ contains spoilers!

Updated: 08/03/12

Why was the quest not made in a safe area? It is so incredibly easy to die due to a bit of lag and it's just too hard to do at the levels you recommend.

Mod Ana: We did consider making the quest safe, however felt it would detract from the tension of the quest. If you know you're always safe, it doesn't feel very important. In terms of difficulty, the quest was tested by multiple developers and QA testers at the lowest required levels with suitable equipment to ensure it was feasible; if you're finding it difficult however, it may be worth training a few more levels to get your combat up to make it easier. Smile

What exactly was the butterfly artefact?

Mod Ana: The butterfly artefact was part of the security system created by Guthix and Cres to protect Guthix's resting place. Only those chosen by Guthix could 'activate' the butterfly - so when Orlando touched it, it had no effect. When the player touches it, Guthix has a plan for them, so they were allowed to continue.

When can we expect the sequel to The World Wakes?

Mod Osborne: Almost all future content will be a sequel to The World Wakes! That's because many updates will continue the themes of the quest, whether the update is a distraction and diversion or holiday event. I'm guessing that's not what you meant, though! I can assure you that we're working on several quests that could be treated as a sequel to the World Wakes.

When you make a decision on which side to choose, why can't you choose a neutral side and deal with Guthix yourself?

Mod Ana: The decision is not necessarily to choose a permanent side. At that moment, you are primarily choosing whether you want to protect, wake or kill Guthix. The different factions have their own opinions, and it may be that your own decision is the same as one of theirs, or it may be that your decision is swayed by a particular faction you want to side with!

Will Guthix's new model be incorporated into Making/Meeting History or will he just stay hooded.

Mod Ana: The plan is to leave Guthix as he is in Meeting History. As we've seen, Guthix can take different forms so it's feasible that he would take a human form here. I think having him in his Naragi form would detract from the revelations in The World Wakes, too.

Will you be updating the druids of Taverley which were not updated yet with the graphics of The World Wakes?

Mod Ana::[sic] Currently there are no plans to update the druids of Taverley with the graphics used in The World Wakes, although it is possible in future you may see these robes being worn by druids in new content.

Why wasn't any of the quest voice-acted? It would've been amazing hearing all of the Generals and Gods speak!

Mod Ana: There are a lot of characters in The World Wakes, many of which feature heavily in existing content - this would have required a great amount of resource to voice all of them to the quality that we'd want. Personally, I also think there is a danger in voice-acting such familiar characters, as most players will have an idea of what that character sounds like, and we would want to take a lot of care to ensure we weren't 'ruining' that character for them.

How did Sliske have the Staff of Armadyl? It doesn't seem to make much sense no matter what quests you've done (or not done).

Mod Osborne: The Guardians of Armadyl make it clear that the dragonkin have the shaft of the Staff of Armadyl after Ritual of the Mahjarrat. This quest doesn't contradict that - Sliske has managed to get his hands on the staff even though it has been in the hands of a dragonkin. I don't want to reveal any more than that, since it will form a central element of a future quest. Suffice to say that Sliske has the shaft of the Staff of Armadyl, and it has been easy for him to craft a replacement orb. How Sliske got the staff will form another revelation that dramatically affects the world.

Why does Kaqemeex have nothing to say about Guthix's death?

Mod Ana::[sic] This is due to Kaqemeex's position in the opening game. We felt introducing dialogue related to higher level content to this area would be contradictory and confusing.

Don't you think someone should let the druids at the Fist of Guthix know that Fiara is dead? I'm surprised Coulson didn't inform them already!

Mod Ana::[sic] Oops! It seems they were missed Smile I'm sure the news will reach them shortly.

How come Zaros didn't turn to stone when he was impaled by Zamorak, is there something special about him?

Mod Osborne: Aside from Guthix and the Elder Gods, Zaros is the most powerful god to set foot on Gielinor. Over time he gained several powers that were not available to other gods, and one was to abandon his body on a whim. To avoid death he is incorporeal now, which makes him weaker, but he is still alive. Even now, he is likely to be searching for a host body to return to RuneScape.

For those who wonder why Guthix didn't have the same ability to avoid death, remember that Guthix wanted to die, while Zaros wasn't interested in taking a dirtnap.

Why wasn't Kennith in this quest, and do you have any plans for him?

Mod Osborne: I could list several characters who could have been in the quest - Tiffy, Lord Iorwerth, Awowogei - but the ones who made it into the World Wakes were the fastest and most determined. Kennith needs to work on his 100m sprint, obviously.

Does my character have any new perks after becoming a Guardian of Guthix or getting some of Guthix powers?

Mod Osborne: The most important and pertinent perk is the ability to nullify god magic. Guthix knew that a mortal could be obliterated or teleported away by the gods, which would make the task of defending the world against gods difficult. With the ability to withstand god magic, you can stand as a resolute guardian between the gods and the innocents they intend to rule. It won't be the last perk of being a guardian, either. As a note, the Guthixian powers only work against the gods - you're still as vulnerable to mortal attacks as ever.

How was Saradomin able to get back first?

Mod Ana::[sic] Many of the other gods have various barriers to them returning. Saradomin seemed like the most suitable choice as there was really nothing else to stop him coming back apart, and he's very strongly connected to a lot of the humans on Gielinor so it makes sense that he would be waiting for his opportunity.

Where the heck was Seren, and all of the other Gods while the world was waking?

Mod Osborne: The other gods will not hesitate in making a return. Some gods have a longer way to come, are less prepared, or simply do not want to return, but you can guarantee that some familiar faces will follow Saradomin. As for Seren, she has been here on Gielinor all along - so, no need to make a 'return'!

Will there ever be a Mini Quest where we pay attribute to Orlando, and share his final findings with the world?

Mod Osborne: It's unlikely, I'm afraid. His final findings have been quite emphatically shared with everyone in the world.

This was the perfect chance to get the Signature Heroes involved. Why didn't they appear?

Mod Ana::[sic] There are a lot of characters in the quest, and introducing even more could cause characters to become token inclusions just for the sake of it. The Signature Heroes all have their own stories to be dealing with!

Would it be possible to visit Guthix's homeland using the Fairy Rings?

Mod Ana::[sic] This hasn't been planned, but could be a possibility in the future if there is enough demand for it!

Since Guthix became a God after killing one, even when he didn't want to become one, does it mean Sliske is a God now too?

Mod Ana::[sic] Maybe.

Mod Osborne: Sliske is game-player, completely inscrutable and contrary. If he was a god, he likely wouldn't reveal it, and if he wasn't a god then he might profess to being one. Sliske is the only one who knows if he is a god, so we'll just have to see what happens in future quests.

Was Guthix the last Naragi?

Mod Ana::[sic] Yes, although only by a short amount of time; a matter of moments.

What happened to the Elder Weapon that Guthix used to become a God?

Mod Ana::[sic] The shattered sword you encountered in the first room of Guthix's chambers was the Elder Weapon used by Guthix to ascend to godhood.

Will there be a 'gift' set? The torso is very nice, but it looks dull alone.

Mod Osborne: There are no plans to extend the set.

Is the Balance Elemental a guardian of Guthix or not?

Mod Osborne: The elemental is formed from time and balance (as well as a human being). I do not consider it to be a Guardian of Guthix, since it was largely constructed by Guthix, rather than being chosen by Guthix from his followers.

Azzandra and Wahi seem so certain Sliske was benefiting Zaros. Is this true or are they naïve?

Mod Ana::[sic] They're certainly not naive. Sliske is definitely a Zarosian; he believes what he did was the best way to support Zaros. Azzanadra and Wahisietel know that Sliske is on their side, but that doesn't mean he has the same opinions as them all the time. In this case, the Zarosians were fairly split. Azzanadra and Wahisietel wished to take the more peaceful route of waking Guthix and learning from him, while Nex and Char were willing to kill Guthix, but were overruled. Although Sliske told the other Zarosians he would go along with their plan, he made plans of his own which he thought would be much more fun.

Are there anymore guardians out there?

Mod Osborne: It's likely. The guardians each fulfilled a role while Guthix was asleep, protecting locations or fulfilling certain roles. It's likely that Guthix had other areas or items he wanted protecting.

Did Armadyl adopt the symbol of an Elder God?

Mod Osborne: As you've probably guessed, the Staff of Armadyl wasn't always called the Staff of Armadyl. It was an Elder God Weapon, and Armadyl claimed it, named it and used it when he came to Gielinor. It is likely that his followers decided to use the symbol when affiliating themselves to him.

Why doesn't the new title appear after our names in the forum?

Mod Ana::[sic] This is not a deliberate feature, and is being looked in to.

Will the GWD generals be given these new special attacks?

Mod Ana::[sic] It's not planned, but I have seen quite a few people asking about it. From a technical perspective it's perfectly possible that they could be given at least some of these additional attacks.

Doesn't the Sixth Age Circuit greatly devalue the Onyx ring (i)?

Mod Ana::[sic] Although they are similar, the Sixth Age Circuit is rewarded only to players who complete The World Wakes and all the suggested quests. That's quite a hefty list of requirements - so it may be that some players could get the Onyx ring (i) but not the Sixth Age Circuit. Additionally, the Onyx ring (i) does offer a better armour rating.

Will there be another live stream discussing events that happened in the quest and what may occur in the future?

Mod Osborne: Absolutely. I couldn't tell you when it will be, but it makes sense to bring you up-to-date with our plans for the future now that The World Wakes is out. I'm not entirely sure if that would take the form of a Reddit AMA or a video stream - more news to come.

Where was Kharshai during all of this?

Mod Osborne: I've seen a few people on the forums wondering why Kharshai wasn't there, and I can completely understand why they would expect him to be there. He's a prominent character and we have released story content really, really recently that featured him. That said, there are a number of storyline reasons for his absence (we have other plans for him; it seemed unusual for a largely unaffiliated Mahjarrat to be there) and practical reasons too (the Kharshai content was concepted, created and released in the time that World Wakes was being developed).

Will the decision we make in the quest "lock us in" to supporting that choice in the future? I regretted siding with Zaros after I heard Guthix's story.

Mod Osborne: Don't worry - we will not force you to keep your affiliation from World Wakes. The choice you made to affiliate with Zaros, Guthix or Saradomin/Zamorak will certainly be reflected in some dialogue responses from other characters in the future, but it will not remove any gameplay or dialogue choices that are offered to you. We will also ensure that you are able to change affiliations at every important point in future story, regardless of what you have chosen in the past. So, if you picked Zaros affiliation in TWW, you might be thanked by a Zarosian in future content but you'll still be able to say you're Zamorakian if confronted by Zamorak, etc.

Please make it possible for us to rewatch the cutscenes!

Mod Ana: That's a good idea, and it's now on my list of things to do! Smile

Is Guthix actually genderless as was believed?

Mod Osborne: I don't find Guthix's gender particularly important. For ease and consistency, I use male pronouns, but Guthix had ascended to such a point that gender became irrelevant. That said, content from next week does go into more detail about some strong bonds that he formed with other entities.

In TWW, Kree'arra tried to get Armadyl back, but does he even want to come back to Gielinor? Didn't he leave by his own will?

Mod Osborne: It depends what you mean by 'free will'! Zamorak's terrible atrocity during the God Wars led to the death of Armadyl's aviansie, and Armadyl couldn't stay in Gielinor any longer. What is interesting is that Kree'Arra is one of many aviansie that actually did survive the God Wars, and this will be news to Armadyl. It might even be enough to bring him back.

Why didn't Guthix mention Seren? She was on Gielinor on the first age.

Mod Osborne: Guthix didn't have much time, and he only wanted to reveal pertinent information about the player's role against the coming gods. We haven't forgotten Seren, and she will be mentioned in next week's content.

Why did you nerf the Cresbot Slayer creatures?

Mod Ana: This was a change made by the combat team. The automatons have quite a lot of health, which highlighted a slight issue with the calculations to give both combat and Slayer XP - making the amount given by the automatons in particular originally very generous! The combat team are continuing to look into this to find a better solution than the hard cap that is in place at the moment.

The length and difficulty of the quest is quite a controversial subject at the moment, can you remind us of how 'Grandmaster' quests are classified?

Mod Osborne: It's a fair criticism of the quest that, for high-level players who are less interested in the dialogue and exploration of Guthix's homeworld, it was shorter than While Guthix Sleeps, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, etc. That's down to some people finding the combat easier than others. It would be hard and hugely expensive to create a combat quest that was tough for everyone regardless of level and gear.

Still, you asked about how Grandmaster quests are classified. We actually haven't changed our definition: grandmaster quests have very high-level skill requirements (very high-level is dependent on how easy the skills are to train), and/or quest requirements that are considered master level or above. This hasn't changed with The World Wakes. Its requirements are 'soft' - i.e. the requirements are only necessary to obtain the rewards, and are a recommendation rather than mandatory - but they are still there. So we had a choice - to lower it to Master level, or keep it at Grandmaster. The Grandmaster decision was made for sentimental reasons (a quest of this story magnitude should be grandmaster) and also because we wanted to remind you that this is considered to follow Ritual of the Mahjarrat, which is easy to forget. The reaction to this decision has been noted, and we may look at difficulty classification at a later date.

Please refer to the "World Wakes & the RS Timeline" forum sticky for an explanation on how we consider the World Wakes to be ‘in the past’; what that means for RuneScape’s timeline; and why you should be very excited about that change.

Can we be given a "toggle off” for the constant pop-ups?

Mod Goya: We think it’s important that players see the pop ups so they understand why they can’t continue to increase the skill, and so they understand what they can gain by raising the skill beyond the level cap.

Why have all members and former members been capped on free worlds?

Mod Goya: Members are capped on free worlds for the same reason as members only objects cannot be used on free worlds. F2P players would not be able to compete with dragon weapons in the same way as they would not be able to compete with a steel titan, a member setting up 5 hunter traps, having an increased run restoration rate and so on.

While we wish to give free players a glimpse of members only content we wish to maintain the balance and integrity of the free game.

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