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These FAQs were announced on 15 March 2013. An archived version can be viewed here.

This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Whilst we continue to gather feedback, we will add any other frequently asked questions regarding this update to this thread - you may wish to check back every now and then.

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Warning! This FAQ contains spoilers to The World Wakes quest. Scroll with caution!



Updated: 15/03/13

When will this event be removed from the game? Will it be available for the standard two weeks?

Mod Maylea: It is due to be there for two weeks although there is a chance that we will let it stay around for a little longer.

Will the dialogue replays still available when the event ends?

Mod Maylea: You will be able to find Memstix and Runestax wandering around their hometown of Taverley after the event.

Is the Tribute to Guthix this year’s Easter event?

Mod Maylea: Sadly, due to the gamechanging circumstances brought by the death of Guthix, there is no Easter event this year.

Why has Guthix’s wish to be forgotten been ignored? His face is now everywhere!

Mod Osborne: Guthix has always been inextricably tied to Gielinor, nature and the anima mundi. For example, when Zamorak blasted the Wilderness, the world cried out and Guthix woke. The way I see it, the world is paying tribute to Guthix, and this is how it has shown it. This is not an act of Guthix. It's a fair point about Guthix wanting to be forgotten, and Memstix and Runestax (hopefully) make it clear that they are followers of his teachings, and not worshipping him in any way.

Do the green glowing trees do anything special?

Mod Maylea: They are crying. That's pretty special. Other than that, no.

This event obviously focuses on Guthix and Seren, will there be more events going into detail about the history of other gods?

Mod Osborne: I know it may seem like we are focusing on Guthix at the moment, but that is for good reason: anyone who has played The World Wakes will know why he's getting a lot of attention. But it's not our intention to keep focusing on Guthix content; in fact, we have future plans for each and every god of RuneScape. Those plans won't necessarily be shown in just holiday events - it will be seen in all kinds of future updates. If I'm honest, I'm interested in what Armadyl has been doing all these years.

There seems to be some romantic undertones regarding Guthix's relationship with Seren. Was this intentional or was their relationship entirely platonic?

Mod Osborne: That exact detail is something I want to explore in Seren content. Those of you who have read up on your lore will know that Seren was the only god to have been present on Gielinor with Guthix during the First Age, so they would have formed some kind of relationship.

The new clothes and graphics used for druids is awesome! Could you give the outdated druids of Taverley the same graphics?

Mod Osborne: Thanks! We want you to feel special wearing the robes, so we'll be keeping them on Memstix and Runestax for now.

Can the new butterflies stay as permanent high level hunter content after the event that only give hunter xp?

Mod Maylea: No, but they might reappear at the same time next year.

Can all new holiday content going forward have some form of permanent content, like the kennel from Christmas or this new altar (if we get 250k)?

Mod Osborne: There's something slightly sad about knowing that a holiday event will come and go, and the reward items will be all that remains! They are an attempt to leave something lasting. It also allows you to do something permanent to the game world - and that doesn't happen as often as we'd like. I imagine you'll see more of these in future events.

The 5th Age was considered "The Age of Man/Humans". What's the 6th Age?

Mod Osborne: Oh, you'll find out soon enough!

Did any of the current Gods participate in the Guthix's homeland slaughter?

Mod Osborne: Yes.

Is the "blue skinned god" and the "tusked god" mentioned in Guthix's memories Saradomin and Bandos respectively? If so, then just how old are the other gods?

Mod Osborne: The blue-skinned god IS Saradomin. He came to the Naragi homeworld with the hope of bringing them into his light, but they were unwilling and may have even been hostile, leading to his half-finished crusade. Saradomin himself is one of the oldest - if not the oldest - of the younger gods, which is why he has strong claim to feeling that he is the one and rightful god for RuneScape.

I have been loving the speculation about the 'tusked god', Tuska, on the forums. There are certainly similarities between her and Bandos, it must be said. They are different entities, though, I am afraid.

Was the Nomad in Guthix’s memory actually Nomad from Nomad's Requiem?

Mod Osborne: That would be quite the twist! No, Nomad has never met Guthix.

Now that Guthix is dead can we know why the place under Nomads tent, looked very Guthixian and spelled GOD?

Mod Osborne: I'll have to talk to the developer about that one, but I always felt that Nomad had a very specific goal in mind when he secured the avatars and siphoned souls via the obelisk in Soul Wars. The lettering is probably a hint towards what that would have been.

Does everyone in RuneScape know of Guthix’s death or just the druids?

Mod Osborne: That's a very good question. The Tribute to Guthix event was my way of telling the world about Guthix's death. The druids found out via Kaqemeex, then the druids told the world. So, from this moment forward, you can consider the world told.

Why did Guthix not tell us the whole truth in regards to the circumstances of Skargaroth's death during The World Wakes?

Mod Osborne: I doubt he found it important at the time. Hopefully the Tribute to Guthix memories have plugged a few holes in that section of the quest.

Is Tuska still around? What were the green creatures following her? If they were Goblins/Bandosian creatures, how did they come to serve Bandos?

Mod Osborne: You have seen one of the green creatures that followed her; they are in the vision in World Wakes. They are not quite goblins, but seem to be something similar. To answer your question about Tuska, she is still alive somewhere, charging blindly from world to world with her carrion followers behind her.

Why do the gods care about Gielinor so much? Aren't there other planes where they can be worshipped and have their battles?

Mod Osborne: Haha, good question! If you've seen the Origins of Gielinor motion comic, you'll know that Gielinor was the last world that the Elder Gods created, and it was perfect. That's certainly what attracted Guthix and eventually Seren. As for the other gods, there are many reasons for why Gielinor is so attractive to them: first, the most powerful item in the multiverse resides here, and they want it; second, they feel compelled to be here thanks to an item that is mentioned in the Tribute to Guthix. The third and fourth reasons will be mentioned in future content.

Guthix mentions that Zanaris is a moon near a lush-looking planet. Is Zanaris Gielinor's moon? If not, why does it seem like the fairies, who Guthix brought to Gielinor, have mostly returned to their homeworld?

Mod Osborne: You're correct in all your comments. Remember that Zanaris is the gateway through which a number of races came to Gielinor, so the fairies are likely there to manage that in some way.

Previous Easter and Christmas events involved the Land of Snow and the characters of the Queen of Snow + Queen of Sunrise. Will these characters ever become "official" in the lore, like Death did with when The World Wakes was released?

Mod Osborne: Fantastic question! You're right, I do see Death as 'official' as you put it. We've welcomed him into canon because he felt right for the content, and because we have a lot of affection for the character. There are no plans to do the same for the Queens, but the right story and the right moment could bring them in.

Is the Enchanted Key an Elder Artifact?

Mod Osborne: I couldn't possibly say! The Elder Twelve will be important to the future story, so I don't want to ruin it for you.

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