Update:Twitch Integration - A Preview

With the release of RuneScape’s new Twitch integration just around the corner, we want to show what streaming is all about, and how easily you can get involved after the update goes live.

To do this, Mods Simon + James will be on hand later today to give you guys an exclusive sneak peak of the update before it goes live into game.

Whether you’re a seasoned streamer looking to make your broadcasts more convenient, or someone completely new to the concept of livestreaming and fancy giving it a go, the new Twitch integration system will provide you with a fast, simple solution to broadcasting yourself and your gameplay to a worldwide audience.

So be sure to tune in today, Wednesday 9th July, from 4pm BST over on the RuneScape Twitch channel to take your exclusive first look at Twitch integration and make the first step to becoming a RuneScape streamer!

Mods Simon and James