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This sticky has been created in response to the most commonly asked questions regarding the most recent game update.

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Updated: 28/03/13

Wilderness Warbands:
How many times can we participate in Wilderness Warbands a day? Is there a limit?

Mod Chris L: Camps are active once every 8hrs and a player can partake in a maximum of 3 camps per day. All camps will be broadcast with the location when active.

Is the 8 hour thing across all worlds at once? Or is each world on its own timer like Castle Wars and you're able to hop to catch it?

Mod Chris L: The 8 hours between events isn't shared across worlds, so each world will have it's own "timer".

Are you considering minimising the 8 hour spawn time?

Mod Chris L: No, we have no plans to change the spawn times of events.

Can you make Quercus say how long it will be until the next Warband?

Mod Chris L: There is quite a random amount of variation in when the events start. That said, I'll be investigating a rewrite in the generation section to allow Quercus to say when the next one will begin on that world.

Why was the Wand of Treachery made level 70 instead of 75? We already have a level 70 wand.

Mod Chris L: Whilst 75 may have been more appropriate, we wanted to finalise the gap at 70 a bit more. Ahrim's wand is somewhat rare and mages around that level were suffering when trying to do things such as kill dragons - they had to pick a lower quality one handed wand to use with a shield to protect against anti-fire. Ahrim's wand, whilst in existence is quite a rare item to obtain and we didn't like how dependant pre-Virtus/chaotic levelled mages were on this.

Can a wand be obtained from each warband or can one only be obtained at each event?

Mod Chris L: Only one wand can be potentially found in any camp.

Can you only loot 25 items/day or 25 items each location and god once? For example, if you loot from a Sara Lava maze camp, you cannot loot another Sara camp at Chaos alter or one of the other gods camps at Lava Maze.

Mod Chris L: It is 25 items per event. If Zamorak don't beat Saradomin and the next camp is Saradomin, you'll still be allowed to loot another 25 as it is a new event. Think of the limit as 75 per day or 3 events.

Does the Wand of Treachery count as 25 loots?

Mod Chris L: No. The Wand of Treachery does not count towards your loot, you merely have a chance of getting it each time you loot.

Will the warbands be involved in any future updates?

Mod Chris L: There are currently no plans to involve the warbands in future updates.

How often will we see God-based content now that it's the 6th Age?

Mod Osborne: The gods, and how the world reacts to the gods, will be a continued theme in a great deal of new content. I imagine you will find references, 6th Age lore and the gods themselves in the majority of upcoming content. It's important to note that the gods won't feature in all content, however; so, if you have a love of ungodly quests or want content that's more down to earth, then we will still be heartily producing it.

What exactly caused the bandits of the Wilderness to find faith and rally under the banners of gods?

Mod William: Rumours that something world-changing is on the horizon are rife, and word is that it involves the gods. The rumour has reached the criminal underworld that there's a big, god-shaped storm on the way, and that you should pick a side if you want to carry on breathing. While some bandits may genuinely believe this, many are simply capitalising on fear - claiming to be taking tolls or tithes in the name of the gods - and many more are simply paying lip service so they can join up with the biggest, best-equipped bandit bands around.

Why isn't Zaros interested in whatever it is these bandits are searching for?

Mod William: The actual wishes of the gods don't really come into it! The bandits have taken it upon themselves to align themselves with the RuneScape gods, and are simply carrying on with their looting and plundering under that pretence. The name of Zaros is relatively obscure among the general RuneScape populace, and it's more likely that bandits would latch onto the gods with more distinct martial traditions than the cunning, insidious Zaros.

How do the bandits know about Armadyl and Bandos? Should they even have heard these names, let alone know that they are gods and that they do exist?

Mod William: While they may not be the most widely worshipped - at least by humans - their martial tendencies would likely appeal to the bandits, and no doubt they'd have few qualms about following a god not traditionally accepted by polite society. Again, the bandits don't know much about what the gods really represent - they're reacting to (and exploiting) rumours and hearsay.

Where do ents come from? Will we be seeing more of them in the future?

Mod Osborne: The ents are Guthixian, and were brought in to tend the trees during the First Age. I don't have any plans for the ents in the future, but you never know...

What was the reason behind changing the default left-click option to “Deposit All”? Would you consider changing this back or making a toggle?

Mod Goya: We changed it to make it more convenient for players to deposit all when doing bank runs, however, due to your feedback, we’re looking into the possibility of making it optional.

How come slayer masters can assign Aviansies when they are assumed to be extinct? Shouldn't there be some sort of extra dialogue with any slayer master after having been to the GWD at least once telling them of the creatures there?

Mod Chris L: The slayer masters that assign them are in no way the noobs of their skills, they are well aware they exist in the world!

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