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Update hints was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.
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Update hints were messages which offered clues about an impending updates that Jagex released through its official off-site accounts. The hints were in the form of pictures, a different picture for each account, all of them referring to the same update. Together the images provided clues about an update scheduled to be released within the month. Hints were posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the RuneScape Forums. Some hints or previews towards new content or updates of existing content were placed inside the game intentionally, making them in-game update hints rather than leaks.

Due to changes in the way that Jagex release information about future content, update hints are no longer released in this way. Officially released information about future updates from the variety of sources used by Jagex is now documented on the upcoming updates article.



The Twitter hints initially filled a void left by the removal of Behind the Scenes due to the time pressure they put on developers. Players missed knowing what would be released in the coming weeks, so Jagex started posting hints on Twitter which still provide players with a small amount of information about upcoming updates when they were ready to be released, thus no longer putting pressure on developers to meet a deadline.

After Behind the Scenes returned, players were given the unprecedented opportunity to see upcoming content instead of just hearing about it, since previous Behind the Scenes and twitter hints were never accompanied with images.



Jagex has several English Twitter accounts, @OfficialJagex, which is used for general Jagex news, @JagexMobile, which is used for news about Jagex's mobile games, and @RuneScape, which is specifically for RuneScape, and is where update hints were released. The actual hints were pictures accompanied by a "coming soon" message that did not offer any additional insight into the content of the hint. The images were attached to the Twitter messages using TwitPic, an image hosting service designed to be linked to a Twitter account. Jagex's TwitPic account is Runescape. Jagex also has a number of foreign language twitter accounts.


The first type of hint.

Originally, Jagex only had one Twitter account, @OfficialJagex, where all their messages were posted. However soon after Jagex made separate accounts for each of their major products. Initially the hints posted were a few sentences with no accompanying pictures. However after the return of Behind the Scenes in June 2010, the hints began to include pictures. A list of previous text-only twitter hints can be found here.



Jagex started posting update hint images on their Facebook account RuneScape, on 4 July 2010, a day before the release of Love Story. The images were usually different than the ones released on Twitter, but about the same update. On 13 July 2011, the Facebooks Svenska, Polska, Español and Norsk were removed, leaving three other language Facebooks left. Sometimes hints were also posted on the following languages Facebook pages:

Nederlands Français Deutsch


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On 18 May 2012, with the then-upcoming update of the Queen Black Dragon Jagex began releasing weekly updates of not only the update, but game footage, and sneak peaks of the update thereafter. Their official YouTube channel is Runescape.



On 25 May 2012, it was announced that update hints would be available on RuneScape's Google+ page.

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