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In-game future content refers to things already in the game, but is showing a preview of content. Unlike future updates, the content exists in the game showing the update that is to come, this can be things such as new armour, effects, towns or locations. The updates may stay in game for possibly years before their actual release, such as the gnome update. Future content is normally previewed by members first, and later released in free to play. Jagex sometimes releases more of the content months before the update it released.

Unreleased updates

Date first seen in game Description
Wizard Jalarast.png 28 November 2012 With the Wizards' Tower update, Wizard Jalarast (unnamed before the update) is now wearing an updated Splitbark Armour.
Monkey.png 12 October 2011 It started with a small hint of the Gorilla mask, and then later in May 2012, Mad May began with previews of graphically updated monkeys, monkey capes, monkey hats, monkeys in barrels; all hinting at a future graphical update to monkeys. In 2016 Dojo Mojo, the agility skilling pet was added, using new ninja monkey graphics.

Released updates

Date first seen in game Description Date released Update
Cow (Ashdale).png 26 November


With the release of the Ashdale tutorial there have been new graphically updated cows as well as trees, hinting at a future graphical update to them. 22 April 2014
Dardar chathead.png
17 October 2011 Dardar was the first dwarf to utilise the new dwarven (including the already updated chatheads) graphics, which will be fully released later. Later, the first five permanently remaining dwarves followed - AustriSabbot and the first female: Freda in Burthorpe and Taverley and Rutmir Arnhold and Teplin Macagan in Oo'glog. On 5 September 2012 Dororan received the new dwarf graphical update. 2 October 2013 Update:Birthright of the Dwarves
Slimepits chathead.png
Nostrillia chathead.png
Slimepit body.png
Snotgut chathead.png

Kringle chathead.png
12 October 2011 The graphics of the Goblin Snotgut have been updated, while the other goblins' have not yet. Two months later, Kringle is released, with an entirely new sort of graphics. It is unknown which one will be used as the base. With the release of Carnillean Rising, Slimepits and Nostrillia (the first female updated goblin) use the definite new graphics. 17 October 2012 Update:What's Mine is Yours
Mercenaries.png 31 January 2012 After the Release of the Troll Warzone, the Mercenary warrior, Mercenary mage and Mercenary ranger all received updated armour. 6 March 2012 Update:Player Armour, Gnomes and Clan Fealty
Kris (muddy) chathead.png
20 December 2011 The graphics of Kris the troll change after he becomes filthy in a cannon accident. All other mountain trolls would follow 31 January. 31 January 2012 Update:Troll Warzone
WClocation.png 22 February 2010 With the Release of Update:Impetuous Impulses Improvements a strange new Island appeared in the wilderness, this was later opened to be Daemonheim. Update:Dungeoneering Skill! 12 April 2010
Easta Buni chathead.png
29 March 2010 The troll Easta Buni released alongside Egg-Streme Management was the first to use the new troll graphics that would be released one year afterwards. 31 January 2012 Update:Troll Warzone
Laidee Gnonock chathead.png
26 November 2008 Laidee Gnonock's chathead was the first updated gnome chathead, while the other gnomes got updated 2 years later, with the release of the new gnome quest, The Prisoner of Glouphrie. 9 February 2011 Update:Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework