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In-game future content refers to things already in the game, but is showing a preview of content. Unlike future updates, the content exists in the game showing the update that is to come, this can be things such as new armour, effects, towns or locations. The updates may stay in game for possibly years before their actual release, such as the gnome update. Future content is normal previewed by members first, and later released in free to play. Jagex sometimes releases more of the content months before the update it released.

Unlike leaks, these updates are not hidden, but in fact directly shown to the player. An example of this is The Pit that showed a graphical update for goblins and werewolves.

Un-Released Updates

Date first seen in game Description
Dardar 17 October 2011 On release of Deathcon, Jagex showed a new graphically updated dwarf called Dardar. This was seen by both free-to-play and pay-to-play.
Gorilla mask detail 12 October 2011 The Gorilla mask was a reward from The Pit and is the first preview of the graphical update for the monkeys, and possibly an ape graphical update.
Scrambles 12 October 2011 Scrambles was released along with The Pit update, who shows a graphical update to Werewolves.
Snotgut 12 October 2011 Snotgut was released along with The Pit update. He shows a graphical update to Goblins.

Released Updates

Date first seen in game Description Date released Update
150px 31 January 2012 After the Release of the Troll Warzone, the Mercenary warrior, Mercenary mage and Mercenary ranger all received updated armour. 6 March 2012 Update:Player Armour, Gnomes and Clan Fealty
150px 1 March 2011 With the release of Elemental Workshop IV the lighting in the lamps used Bloom lighting effects. 28 November 2011 Update:Polypore Dungeon
File:Laidee Gnonock detail.png 26 November 2008

Laidee Gnonock's chathead was the first updated gnome chathead, while the other gnomes got updated 2 years later, with the release of the new gnome quest, The Prisoner of Glouphrie.

9 February 2011 Update:Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework
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