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I must say, I really enjoy how Jagex seems to be interacting more with their community recently. I hope they continue to do these Q&A, as it gives people the comfort that their questions are not falling on deaf ears. I think this is a definate plus for Jagex, and I feel they will gain more support this way. Also, maybe people who previously had no suggestions will speak up now that they know they're being heard, and we might get some more exciting, new content more often/sooner! Karlis (talk) (contribs)

17:36, 17 February 2009 (UTC)
Think they're making people think they're "opening their ears". They've been listening to players quite well, I think, but they can always get better.

Aww, no hints to future content. =( Quest.pngFletching.gifCooking.gifXfinXTalk 20:38, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

Read the last question. He only answers 1/3 of the question because he doesn't havew answers that we want to hear for the other 2/3. I don't think that there is a lot of information that we (and most players - especially members) didn't already know.

I suppose i see what you mean but there are indirect references:

Lots of the games can (and will) be further improved.

We are going to keep working on PvP, but the future focus will be on improving and tweaking the PvP games we have already made. We really appreciate the feedback you have been giving us on how to improve these games and make them feel like a good upgrade. We’ve noticed some pretty good suggestions already coming through in the recent ‘questions’ threads, and are seriously considering these now. Personally, I’m particularly keen to make the Duel tournaments work better as they have been a bit disappointing.

Q) Samrulz432 - You have bought a type of pking back called pvp, but many people would like pvp to just be in the wild. you could also have worlds where it is worldwide pking, and a couple with just wild pking? A) I like this idea :) I’ll discuss this with the content team in more detail.

Q) Pure Ftw Kai - Can you bring back the old Staking rules? A) We can’t bring back the *exact* old staking rules without reintroducing all the problems we originally set out to remedy. However we can hopefully still improve duelling a bit. I’m particularly keen on improving the Duel Tournaments, which are supposed to give the ‘high excitement, high reward’ that staking gave, but I admit they aren’t working quite right at the moment and need revisiting.

Q) Crycket - will we ever be able to give our friends “presents” again? A) Well, you can already give your friends small presents, but not huge ones. The assist system was also intended to be a way people can help their friends. I’m also looking for more ways that people can help (and surprise) each other as long it as can’t be abused. One idea I’m currently mulling over is a way that we can let our players who organise in-game events give prizes to the winners. I’ve got a few ideas on how we might do that, but it needs more thought yet.

Q) B4w13 - Will you be improving PvP, full drops and more wilderness features! A) Yes we will be improving PvP.Sean12349999 00:49, 18 February 2009 (UTC)