Update while at lobby

Lobby Update Counter


RuneScape has been updated! Please reload this page.

Lobby Update Message

When attempting to join a server just before an update.

Updates are changes that Jagex have made to RuneScape and related RuneScape website features. When a large update occurs, a red message box appears above the chat box warning players that there is a limited time until all players are booted from the game as the system upgrades. During smaller bugfixes, Jagex may not display this message, and the change will occur without need to restart.

Once the system has been updated, players then may return to their world. However, players must reload the page, or they will be provided with the message: RuneScape has been updated! Please reload this page.

Types of updates

Updates are officially classified into fifteen different groups on the RuneScape website:

Other updates, not sorted into a category by Jagex, are:

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