Urist Loric chathead
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Urist Loric (zombie) chathead

Urist Loric is a dwarf featured in From Tiny Acorns, a caper unlocked after the Buyers and Cellars quest. He is found in Varrock, near the city's general store, and runs a shop that sells crafting equipment. Upon completing From Tiny Acorns, players may buy crafting supplies from his stall, as well as obtain his monocle. His zombie version is found in New Varrock during Dimension of Disaster.


  • Urist is almost certainly a reference to the indie game Dwarf Fortress. There is a running joke on the game's forums where "Urist" is an incredibly generic name for the hapless dwarves; the market guard also references Urist's love for 'booze', which is mirrored with all dwarves in Dwarf Fortress. The market guard also says that "He's a craftsman from some fortress or another." Additionally when you speak to him after stealing his ruby dragon he says that "It makes me want to throw a tantrum"; in Dwarf Fortress, unhappy dwarves will tantrum, effectively going on a rampage that, if not carefully dealt with, can spark the downfall of the entire fortress, losing the player the game. Lastly, trying to speak with Urist before completing From Tiny Acorns will result in the message, "The dwarf is hard at work on some sort of highly delicate construction, and doesn't pay you any notice."; this is a reference to when a dwarf in Dwarf Fortress enters a Strange Mood when they construct a legendary artifact, ignoring food, drink, sleep and danger until they finish their legendary artifact.
  • Although Urist was not added to the game until 28 April 2010, the market stall he occupies has existed in the game for years. Prior to Urist's release, it was simply empty.
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