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I started playing RuneScape on May 2009. I really like this game, but recently I got a bit bored and that's how this page was created... I am going to say some words about myself here.



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I am a dedicated quester. I finished every single quest in Runescape, obtaining famed Quest Cape, one of the most difficult Capes of Achievement to earn. I had to travel all around the world following Movario's trail, discover Nomad's mysterious plot and defeat him, unite Void Knights, Kinshra and Temple Knights to fight the Pest Queen by my side.

::::¸„.•²² | ²`²•„¸
:„•².²•„¸ ||¸„•²..'²•„:::²•„¸¸„•²¸„•²²•„¸¸„•²¸„•²²•„¸Artstein
| ==== || ==== |:::¸„•²²•„¸²•„¸²•„¸²•„¸,¸.The Official Seal.¸¸„•²¸„•²¸„•²²•„¸
:²•„¸¸„•² || ²•„¸.¸„•:::.²•„¸¸„•²¸„•²²•„¸¸„•²of a Master Quester²•„¸¸„•²²•„¸²•„¸²•„¸
:::::'²•„,¸,|,¸,„•²':::¸„•²¸„•²²•„¸²•„¸¸„•²²•„¸Hall of Fame #1057¸„•²²•„¸¸„•²²•„¸ ¸„•²²•„¸



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the Empty Lord.

It may seem a bit strange, but for a long time I worshipped Zamorak (good deity never seemed appropriate for me and I never liked total neutrality of Guthix). However, At some point I changed my religion and became a follower of... Zaros, Zamorak's second greatest enemy. I gladly restored the Senntisten Temple and switched pitiful prayers to great ancient curses of Zaros.



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I currently live in Kandarin and I'm proud of it. It is my current family crest. But, to be honest, it is not much to do here, so you can often find me slaying monsters in Morytania, crushing souls on the ancient Soul Wars battlefield or helping Void Knights.


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Now it's time for a very important part: my skills. I run around with my not so long ago earned Fletching cape. Fletching is one of few skills you can train when you're bored, it's both cheap and fast. And extremely useless. Hunter comes as my lowest skill. I just don't like it. I will train it a little bit for quests, but I after that I will leave it. I guess my next 99 will be Attack. I love the red trimmed skillcape and I'll happily train with my whip to obtain it. My favourite skill is Thieving. I'll never forget The Feud, a great quest completely focused on this wonderful skill. I also remember heavy training of Agility to reach level 50 and be able to enter Rogue's Den for the Rogue Set - a real thief's dream. Finally, I go fishing when I'm bored. I guess that's the main reason for which I have so high level in it...