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Total level: 2367
Attack 87 Constitution 89 Mining 88
Strength 87 Agility 87 Smithing 87
Defence 87 Herblore 90 Fishing 87
Ranged 87 Thieving 92 Cooking 89
Prayer 92 Crafting 87 Firemaking 89
Magic 87 Fletching 87 Woodcutting 87
Runecrafting 99 Slayer 90 Farming 88
Construction 87 Hunter 87 Summoning 93
Dungeoneering 88 Divination 87 Invention 62
Attack style icon fixed.png 123 Quest.png 380 Music icon fixed.png 1058
Task icon fixed.png 457 RuneScore.png 6140
As of May 31, 2018


Interesting fact about me: I like to keep all my skills around the same level, so when I don't know what to work on, I always work on my current lowest skill.

My current big goal is Quest cape. After that, I want to work toward Master Quest Cape.

Stuff for my own personal use:

Skilling Tables Custom calculators and notes on how I like to train

Master Quest Cape Achievement tracking

Ports Progression Notes Wiki page on Ports

Daily Tasks Aka Dailyscape

Money Making Methods I like (WIP)

Pages I use a lot:

Morvran Slayer Master

Travelling Merchant's Shop