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The Player

Classic Years

The player behind the character of Trunkuza started playing in the second half of the year 2001, shortly after the Dragon Slayer quest first came out. He was invited to the game by his at-the-time girlfriend, the player behind the character of Sweetandsour. He quickly surpassed her in a multitude of levels, and managed to complete all of the quests (at the time) before she did. The two of them signed up for membership together, shortly after the feature became available, but Sweetandsour slowly started spending less and less time in the game, before finally quitting "for good" in the last quarter of 2002.

Other notable and influential players met during this time frame were:

  • Linkinmonkey (who lived nearby the player and had a very short-lived irl relationship) and her friends
  • Dangermouse (who, due to the still-primitive word censor, always had his name come out as "Da**ermouse" in chat)
  • Kattastrophy
  • Gilden T (who remains friends with the player to this day)
  • Sakuramyers (a later at-the-time girlfriend, who was convinced to play)
  • A handful of irl friends (who admitted to playing Runescape after Trunkuza's player figured out how to subvert the firewall at his school during a free class).

During this period of time, his usual world was World 6.

Prior to Runescape 2's launch, the player behind Trunkuza had every quest finished with the exception of the Legends Quest.

Runescape 2 Beta

During the time frame that the beta was available, the player spent much of his time in the beta, instead of the live version (Which was still, at the time, the version nowadays referred to as Classic). He succeeded at finishing every quest that was available during the beta, and used his time there as a way to show his irl friends (His original unofficial clan) the direction that Runescape was heading in. Because these quests were finished prior to Runescape 2's official release, he had forgotten that the Legends Quest wasn't finished yet on his Classic account.

Once it was released, he changed his home world to World 42, where it has been ever since.

Runescape 2

The player was one of the players who was conflicted in regards to the item migration system. Despite being excited about it, he wasn't entirely positive whether or not the major graphic rework would hit the ground running, and was worried that it would be scrapped in favor of Runescape 1's revival. At the last minute, however, he bit the bullet and transferred his items over. Shortly after, he finished the Legends Quest officially, and managed to keep up with every newly-released quest for a while afterwards. Unfortunately, by the time the Quest Point Cape was finally released, he had fallen behind by about a year, and lost the confidence he once had, so left many quests unfinished.

During these years, many of his irl friends quit playing, one by one, for various reasons. Due to this, he went on a fair few hiatuses, returning every now and again to collect the holiday items that he could, and a level or quest completion here-and-there. He started to play a little more often when the Grand Exchange was built, and even more often after the clan system was finally established, but for a long time was less interested in playing, and more interested in bank-standing and living vicariously through other players' stories.

Notable and influential players met during this time were:

  • Pinkfurryone
  • Con
  • Necro Xantus
  • Vahnessa (and, subsequently, the entirety of the now-disbanded RP clan: Cauldron)
  • Little Hell
  • robin G Hood

Despite the change of his homeworld into the Roleplaying Server, he still remains there, and sometimes (yet, rarely) enters into Roleplay sessions.

Evolution of Combat, RS3, Present

The player was slightly worried that the EoC update wouldn't catch on, yet once again was excited for a major change to a once-beloved game, He has adapted to the change, seeing it as a much-needed refresher to the combat system that allows every weapon to utilize features that, up until that point, only a handful of weapons had at the time. Since the dissolution of Cauldron, he has joined and left a few other clans, unable to find a clan that rivaled the micro-community he had enjoyed in it. The change to the interface system was another update he enjoyed, seeing it as another step closer towards systems that other MMOs successfully use, and as another potential draw-in for new players already used to those systems. He succeeded in concentrating long enough to finish off the remaining quests for the first time since the Quest Cape was released, only to later be rebuked by Fate of the Gods, whose Nihil fight was too much for his older laptop to handle. Eventually, he broke down and purchased a new laptop, thus finishing Fate of the Gods, and re-securing his Quest Cape.

He currently resides in Prifddinas, anxiously awaiting the next major update, while working on his skills a little bit more diligently than all the years prior.


While the player doesn't roleplay very often, he does have a character that he created, inspired in part by overrides avaiable in Solomon's Store, and in part by theoretical ideas that skills and lore have caused him to have.

Character Background

Second Age


He was a Human Paladin of Guthix during the beginning of the Second Age. During his short stay with his order, he was taught the various forms of combat, but found he had a special affinity for magic.

During this age, magic was less mainstream than it is now, and as such he was not taught the traditional spellbooks known today. Instead, he uses a method of wasteless spellcasting that can only truly be described as reverse-essence-siphoning, where he uses his magical affinity to force the runic energy to be manipulated inside the rune in such a way that external effects are perceived. However, there is always a risk of the energy causing the rune to break by itself, though he can always intentionally cause the rune to break, which releases a more powerful instance of the spell.

He rose through the ranks quickly, soon gaining a commanding position, advanced training, new techniques, and a patrol of his own; for his second-in-command he chose his closest friend, one he had made during his early days of training. Shortly after his twenty-first birthday, his commanders got wind of an uprising from an unknown group near the River Salve and figured it would be the best test of his ability to command. He and his patrol scouted the area and found there to be a small encampment of men, appearing to be readying for battle. He decided to wait for nightfall and attack while they slept, to quell the potential invasion before it can begin. Unfortunately, they were given limited knowledge of their adversary, and when they started their attack, they found themselves to be surrounded not by men, but by werewolves.

The First Fall

His patrol was slain left and right, so he called a retreat, but he barely made it out alive with his second-in-command. They were both badly injured–his second was mortally wounded–and he did what he could to save his friend and ally, but his friend died shortly after they reached safety in the hills behind what is today the Limestone Mine. As night fell for the second time since his arrival in Morytania, he found himself to be changed. Unable to control his actions, but conscious of what he was doing, he hunted down the once-attackers and killed them one-by-one with power and strength he hadn't known before then. His now-prey finally retreated when their number slimmed, and to his horror and dismay, not only did he not follow, but he started eating the remains of the dead, only pausing to let out a blood-curdling howl. He retreated finally back to the corpse of his friend to sleep. He awoke to find himself only partly returned to his original form. He was left with ears and a tail and he could only presume that his prejudice against what he'd become had left its' features as a way to remind him of what he had to fix.

Afterwards, he was denied entrance to his orders' fortifications. He tried to explain to the elders what had happened, and pleaded with them for a way to return him to normal, but they banished him instead. He swore to them that he would return when he found a cure, and despite their disgust of what he had become, they wished him luck, stating they would welcome him back as an initiate if he succeeds. He spent half a year searching obscure texts in towers and libraries long-since destroyed and rebuilt, and finally stumbled upon a possible answer. He spent the next half of a year gathering the ingredients and preparing the spell he'd found, and upon casting it, realized it wasn't what he'd expected. He'd hoped for a cure, but instead summoned a demonic portal. The demon on the other side of the portal knew what was desired before it could be spoken.

The Second Fall

["Him, he, his" refers to the character, and "it" refers to the demon when the usage would otherwise imply a person. Sorry for any confusion this causes, but there is a reason why the characters' name hasn't been used. It's a re-telling of his history.]

The demon spoke of a ritual that could cure him. It needed a sacrifice of sentient blood, aged no more than six years, but no less than ten, slain in its' presence by the form intended to be banished. Reluctantly, a child was found and brought before the demon. He shifted into werewolf form for what he'd hoped would be the last time, and slaughtered the child for the demon's sacrifice. Unfortunately, standard knowledge today was uncommon back then, and the demon had tricked the man. The sacrifice was a ruse to give it the power to cross through the portal into our realm, and it stepped forward to the man and killed him.

Unfortunately, with the spellcaster dead, the portal could no longer be sustained, and just like a fish out of water, the demon found it couldn't survive in our realm, so it used the remainder of its' power to reanimate the man's corpse and take possession of his body and mind. It warped his physical form and tore through his mind, erasing what it could. The demon found, however, that while names and faces could be ripped away, including his own, it had trouble tearing away any memories that held strong emotions, capable only of deafening them. Angered by the knowledge that it could not erase his past, it wandered onward and laid waste to many in its' path.

It discovered early on that while the advanced Paladin training techniques [Examples of the technique are represented by: Depth Charge Fishing, Blast Mining, Explosive Firemaking and Explosive Woodcutting] were easy enough for it to use more efficiently than even the possessed was able to, it could not figure out how to manipulate runic energy. In an attempt to gain power and control to make up for this lack, it pulled strings behind the scenes, manipulated a number of significant events, performed high-profile assassinations, and eventually caught the eye of Zaros himself, who recruited it into his army. Under Zaros' rule, it helped with the early training of many high-ranking Zarosian militia members, command parts of his army, and it even befriended Char.

Third Age Into the Fourth Age

After Zaros' banishment by Zamorak, it followed in most of the Zarosians footsteps and went into hiding. It pulled strings behind the scenes again, but nothing as influential as before. Very little was done, and much of the time was spent in hiding, fearful of Zamorak and Lucien, knowing that a direct confrontation would lead to its' death.

End of the Fourth Age

Long after the God Wars ended, it traveled west, eventually stumbling upon Char's cave. On the promise of doing everything that it could to help, Char helped it to regain its' ability to tear holes through the fabric of the universe, but it was still not powerful enough to utilize the ability properly. Unable to release Char alone, but unwilling to leave its' friend, it spread a rumor through the land about a powerful firemaker and their tome, hoping that one day someone would stumble upon the method of releasing Char in the future. 

Distraught by its inability to help Char, it fled North. It came upon a small fishing village on the spot that one day would become Piscatoris, and slaughtered most of its' inhabitants in despair, before suddenly stopping due to a scent. For the first time in our realm, it encountered a cooked monkfish. The scent of the cooking fish drove it wild with desire, and distracted it enough that the possessed awoke from its' induced mental coma.

Sensing an opportunity to take back control of his body, he struggled against the demon, and as the final strings of control were wrenched from its' grasp, it yelled out "Trunkuza". Certain that it was yelling out his name in an attempt to control him [The demon came from a realm where knowing ones' true name meant you held control over them], he nodded, content with the possibly regained knowledge of his once-lost name. Mistaking the demons' desire for weakness to the scent, he picked up the Monkfish and took a big bite, hoping that it'd vanquish it.

To his dismay, it only satisfied the demon greatly. The demon, however, bored of roaming the world but not wanting to just let go of its' control, made a new deal with Trunkuza. So long as it is fed at least one monkfish a day, it would allow him to keep his control.

Fifth Age

Trunkuza has since traveled Gielinor, discovering how much had changed. Although he learned of the fate of his order, few records about it remained beyond its' destruction by an early Saradominist group. He observed that magic was no longer how he learned it, but found difficulty grasping the new methods, finding them too wasteful, despite the abundance of rune stones. He learned that he'd been "asleep" through a couple of different Ages, and of some of the actions he'd done while possessed. Lastly, upon learning of Guthix' actions at the end of the God Wars, he redoubled his devotion to his deity.

In Guthix' name he helped anyone who needed it, from lowly chefs and sheep farmers to guild leaders and even kings. Everything he did was in the name of balance, and attempting to stabilize what he considered to be an unbalanced world. In one of these attempts, he helped bring about the demise of Lucien, directly in line with the demons' wishes to harm the Zamorakians in any way possible. He even assisted in freeing Char, inadvertently succeeding where the demon failed.

End of Fifth Age, into Sixth

Most mortals don't realize exactly how easy it is for demons to go back on their deals. In the forests of the realm of Cauldron, Trunkuza stumbled upon a beautiful woman, Keary, with a rare necklace. In his first encounter with her, she almost drowned, until his last remaining Nature Rune broke while he was trying to control the underwater weeds, causing a tree to sprout underneath them, lifting them both out of the water. Her necklace, however, had fallen off. The necklace was the only thing sustaining her life, so he went to retrieve it for her. However, the demon instantly recognized the energy it held as a threat to his continued existence. It wanted it destroyed. However, it couldn't reveal this insight to Trunkuza, so it waited for the right time to try to fight for control. Its desire for monkfish and its despair over events ages ago was finally overshadowed by a purpose: survival. It took many attempts, but it finally overtook him, regaining a fleeting semblance of control.

During one of these periods where the demon was in control, it openly attacked Keary, in an attempt to destroy the necklace. However, the necklaces' influence was too strong for it, and its control was broken. In order to protect her, Trunkuza told her to run. He hasn't seen her or the necklace since. Unfortunately, having experienced control again, however fleeting, had made the demon restless, and it fought for control with ever-increasing fervor, partially regaining control again.

The demon played a vital role in influencing Trunkuza's decisions in the ruins where Guthix slept. It tricked him into believing that waking Guthix could lead to the balance that he'd been striving for since the second age, and convinced him that only the Zarosians could help him achieve his desires. Witnessing Guthix' death at the hands of Sliske demoralized Trunkuza, allowing the demon to seize more control. With its control back, it was able to help Zaros return with full power.

As Trunkuza had since become a famous adventurer, the demon also had to save face by helping some people he otherwise wouldn't, including helping the elves rebuild their city, and helping Zanik repel a Bandosian mob. It learned that its' control isn't permanent, however, when it was given the option to kill Yelps and later Zanik. Just as it was about to deal the finishing blow to both, Trunkuza's friendship with both goblins allowed him enough strength to wrench free and stay its' hand.

Character Abilities

Trunkuza has been trained by a misguided sect of Guthixian Paladins. This advanced, alternate training has granted him abilities that differ greatly from any normal human. He is capable of borrowing the energy from runes without causing them to be destroyed, and to wield these energies in ways that vastly differ from normal spellcasters. He was also trained in martial and ranged combat, but has always gravitated towards the use of his runes first-and-foremost. In addition, he was taught how to read and harness the energies of both himself and of the world itself, but not how to use them in practical combat, only how to harness them for survival in the wilderness.

The demon is shrouded in mystery, but seems to originate from a world entirely different from Infernus, and as such does not share many similarities with the other demons. The most important distinction between him and other demons is his lack of a stable form outside of his world, as such, he is forced to possess a host body in order to survive. He is also shown as capable of twisting the hosts' form to his liking, based around how much control he has over the host body.

Innate Abilities

His innate abilities are determined by who is in more control at any given time. With two specific exceptions, each form can only use those abilities it has access to.

Both forms are capable of these abilities:

  • Don't need to breathe to stay conscious.
  • Able to point at things to cause energy to well up in front of them and explode like a shockwave.
    • As the energy is in front of the object, this is typically only able to be used for various practical applications, like throwing fish out of the water, breaking rocks, and felling trees, just as some examples.
      • Although it can be used to stun and disorient, the damage caused by this is typically negligible, and at the worst is non-lethal.
    • As Trunkuza, this ability is sporadic and sometimes doesn't fire off, and other times fires off when he doesn't want or need it to.
    • As the demon, he has full control over this ability.
  • Capable of reverse-siphoning energy from runes he carries in his backpack (but only when holding them) and can utilize their energies without breaking them.
    • Can break the runes outright for a full-burst of their energy.
  • Can siphon energy from the world around him to charge an empty essence, or to prematurely recharge one that's been partially used.
    • The runes he makes can be broken by others for similar (but significantly weaker) effects to those he breaks.
      • These runes are different in appearance to the usual runes used for spellcasting, and as such, are not interchangeable with them. Similar to the Runespan runes, but made outside of the Runespan.
    • The essence used to siphon this energy is the same material as the essence normally used in Runecrafting, but is further refined by being shaped by a knife prior to siphoning.
  • Can turn into a bipedal wolf, but he doesn't gain any real benefits from it since his death.
  • Able to tear holes through "The Fade".
  • Capable of very short-ranged flight
  • Able to manipulate the body of the host to change its' appearance.
  • Able to change the density of the host at will.
    • However, not capable of growing or shrinking the host.

Siphoned Rune Abilities

There are imposed limits within the power of runic energy that are based on rolls of dice and on the type of rune and are explained further below.

  • When siphoning, a percentage die set is rolled. A failure to siphon energy prevents future siphoning of all energies for an hours' time.
  • When used for anything beyond simple utility (lighting a fire with a fire rune, for example), the player generally rolls a die twice.
    • A Critical Success is a roll of 10, a Critical Failure is a roll of 1.
    • The first roll (Success Roll) determines whether the action succeeds or not. The complexity of the action determines where the success threshold is.
      • A Critical Success on the Success Roll causes a break-event, where the rune immediately breaks, unleashing the maximum effect.
    • If the Success Roll is over threshold, but not a Critical Success, the second roll (Energy Roll) determines how much energy remains in the rune.
      • A Critical Failure on the Energy Roll causes a blanking event, where the rune reverts back into an essence.
    • If the Success Roll is under threshold, the second roll (Break Roll) determines whether or not the rune breaks, anyway,
      • A Critical Failure on the Break Roll causes the rune to break, unleashing the maximum effect.
      • Any non-Critical Failure on the Break Roll causes no effect -and- no drain on the rune.

Note: A rune -can- be intentionally broken to release all of its' energy, at the cost of losing that specific rune.

Formally Trained/Allowed by the Order

Elemental: as it sounds. Control over those elements. Cannot combine different energies together from multiple runes by tugging, but can break more than one of the same at once for a more powerful effect. Elemental is the only energy stable enough to break more than one of at once. Can be siphoned near an element of its' type.

  • Combination runes can be siphoned near their existing counterpart, but can -only- be used by breaking, as the energy isn't pure enough to tug.
    • Examples: the smoke of a fire for smoke, placed in mud for mud, near a volcano for lava, etc.
    • Instead of a Siphoned Smoke Rune allowing control over both fire and wind, it can be used to conjure the essence of the counterpart, i.e. a smokescreen.
  • Elemental Siphoning is -always- a success.

Mind: Can control the minds of lesser beings for short amounts of time. When broken, it can grant temporary sentience to non-sentient beings. Can only be siphoned in places of learning.

  • 95% chance of success when siphoning,

Body: Can mend minor wounds, when broken, can mend more than one person -or- can mend the wounds faster (but not both). Can be siphoned anywhere there is someone alive.

  • 90% chance of success when siphoning.

Chaos: Random effects occur, usually chaotic, usually detrimental. Typically avoided even to carry, as the energy itself is unstable enough to break the rune at the slightest tug, releasing itself fully. Due to the chaotic nature of the energy itself, it can be siphoned anywhere.

  • 25% chance of success when siphoning.
  • Very high chance of breaking when using:
    • 50% chance of breaking with no effect on a failed tug.
    • 25% chance of breaking with no added effect on a successful tug.
  • Only a Critical Success on a third roll determines whether the intended effect is successful. (25% chance of success)
    • Unintended effects vary, but are usually detrimental.

Cosmic: Can create an aurora around the rune or the user. When broken, the energy can be used to create one in the sky above him. Could be used as a signal, but typically has no other use. Can only be siphoned at night.

  • 85% chance of success when siphoning,
    • A second roll determines whether a Cosmic or an Astral rune are siphoned.
      • A roll of 1-4 makes a cosmic rune.
  • Always succeeds when using.
    • No chance of accidental breaking. Instead, a Critical Success on the first roll results in the rune becoming blank -and- creating an aurora in the sky.

Astral: Can be used to heal a person of more severe, or unknown damages, can heal deep down into the persons' psyche when broken, but only if they allow it. Can only be siphoned at night.

  • 85% chance of success when siphoning.
    • A second roll determines whether a Cosmic or an Astral rune are siphoned.
      • A roll of 5 or 6 makes an Astral rune.
  • The Energy Roll gives a blanking chance of 50% for this rune.

Nature: Can control plants, and promote small growth in plant life, but when broken, can summon a tree even in barren or infertile soil. Typically useless, but can come in handy if shade or a fire is needed in a desert. Needs a pure display of nature to siphon (forests, plains, or rivers. Not deserts or swamps).

  • 80% chance of success when siphoning.

Law: Can be used to teleport short distances, or longer distances when broken. Can only be siphoned in places with high or dedicated morals (churches, courthouses, guild buildings).

  • 75% chance of success when siphoning.

Life: Capable of bringing a being back from the precipice of death. The target -cannot- already be dead, however, or else the rune won't work. Using it guarantees it to break, as the energy is too pure to only use part of it. This rune can only be siphoned in the presence of a live birth of a sentient, and requires the siphoner to cradle the child while it holds the blank essence. Despite not being banned, this rune is very, very rare.

  • Always succeeds when siphoning.
  • Always breaks on use.
Not Formally Trained/Banned by the Order

Death: Can be used to fill a target with dread, those with high happiness or hopes usually don't get affected by it. When broken, it also fatigues them, making them feel drained. Can only be siphoned in places where death is in abundance, or at the grave of a freshly killed person.

  • 50% chance of success when siphoning.
  • When siphoned in this way, two essence are used.
    • The second essence -always- becomes a Body Rune, even on an unsuccessful Death Rune siphon.

Blood: The worst of energies to siphon, requires freshly drawn blood poured directly onto the essence itself. Banned by the order, because it allows the user to manipulate his own blood as a weapon, and when broken, the energy can turn a corpse into an explosive.

  • Always succeeds when siphoning.
  • Always succeeds on use, instead, each Blood Action (action involving the manipulated blood) has a "Concentration Upkeep" roll.
    • On initial use of this rune, the usual two rolls are rolled, to allow for Energy Drain and the possibility of break- and blanking- events.
    • The Concentration Upkeep has a starting Pool Amount of 100.
      • Each Concentration Upkeep roll consists of a D4 and a D6.
      • Multiply the result of the two die, then subtract that from the Pool Amount to get the new Pool Amount.
      • When the Pool Amount reaches 0, the effect ends.

Soul: The rarest of energies, requires the death of someone pure of heart or devout in spirit. Siphoning this energy steals the soul from the victims' body. As such, it prevents the soul from moving on until the energy is expended or the rune breaks. Effects are unknown even to the highest ranks, as this type of rune is also banned from use in the order, due to the method needed to siphon it. It's rumored to be able to return a person from the grips of death itself.

  • Always succeeds when siphoning.
  • This rune requires a double roll on a D10 to siphon.
    • If attempted too soon after the death, it becomes a Blood Rune instead. (1-8 on the first roll)
    • If attempted too late after the death, it becomes a Death Rune instead. (3-10 on the second roll)

Omni: Only the most powerful of his order have been rumored to be able to create these. It is said that the holder of an Omni Rune holds life and death in their hands. Neither the effect nor the method to siphon this rune are known, and as very few records of the order exist anymore, it is unlikely that this rune will ever be seen.

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