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Dairko Athan, Last Immortal - The Beast that hits Backwards.Edit

KBD Guide - Dharoks:Edit

OK - now that we have pots that make it possible to wield 2 handed weapons at kbd, Dharok's is now cooler than ever. However, this does not make it very popular at kbd. For the main reason: the KBD can still kick your ass if your not careful. And the other is that when your in the wilderness, wearing full Dharok's puts crosshairs on your head as wide as the Niagra's Horshoe Falls. This guide will make you prepared for your travels and for combating the Kbd itsself. If you've never done this, you should read this guide about 3 times. You do NOT want to go unprepared.

Skill and Quest Requirements < (reccomendations)
80 herblore for Super AntiFires < (82+)
Trimmed Skillcape < (Nomads Requim for Soulwars Cape)
75 Attack & Strength < (90+)
85 Defence < (90+)
Summer's End
70 Prayer

(Items) < most reccomended
Glory > (Amulet of Power)
Rock Climbing Boots > (Climbing Boots)
Ring of Wealth > (Teleport Ring)
Dragon Gloves > (Combat Bracelet)
Extreme Strength/Attack/Overloads > (Super Attack/Strength Potions)
Saradomin Brew > (Extreme Defense)
Restore Potion
Antipoison ++ > (Super Antipoison)
Games Necklace
Terrorbird Pouches
Tireless Run Scrolls
House/Varrock Teletabs
and, of course,
Full Dharok's

First off, take a games necklace and bank everything else. teleport to youll want to equip for two things, for the fight and flight. It is essential that you know what your going to do in the case of a player attack, as you are defenseless in Dharok's against most attacks. Then youll need a special setup for killing the KBD. Remember to keep your inventory tidy so you don't have to look through it.

Inventory (in order):
-1 Antipoison ++
-3 Super AntiFires
-2 Attack - - - - \
-2 Strength - - - -|(Replace with 1 overload and 4 sara brews if applicable)
-1 Sara Brew- - - - /
-10 Tireless Run Scrolls
-2 House Teleports
-1 Games Necklace
-4 Prayer
-2 empty spaces for every person other than you in your group between food and extras (up to 4 spaces)
-also fit a normal restore potion in one of the empty spaces
-4 rocktail
-Fill Terrorbird and Inventory (save for spaces) with monkfish. some reason i have 50 home teleports)
(note, some items can be substituted for other items, you'll know hopefully)

Now you should have 8-12 food in your inventory (plus saradomin brews) which are most important for protecting against attacks, as the rocktail heal high and up to 100 lp over your max health. Then, after you have Filled your inventory with the required items, and your terrorbird with monks, its time to set out.

First, double-check your inventory and make sure all your items are in order. Then teleport to the corporeal beasts lair using your games necklace. At this point in the journey, put your quick prayers on piety, protect from melee, and protect item. Also, before stepping out of the cave drink a defence potion/saradomin brew, put your Protect from Magic up, and your Protect item up. Now, you can head outside.

As you can see:
90 second run.
20-30 seconds in the first hot zone.

You will be needing to follow this path, and if attacked, promptly escape via the wilderness volcano (or back into the cave), going south until you reach level 20 wilderness where you can teleport. otherwise, continue to the KBD lair like any other day. Watch for green dragons! Note that the first hotzone around the cave entrance is multi-combat. And also note that you will need to pay CLOSE attention to: Prayer, LP, Energy, and make sure to stick closely to whoever your going with if your not soloing. Also... try not to move using anything but the minimap, to prevent you from accidently attacking anyone, or doing anything else you dont want to do.

When and if you manage to reach the entrance, be sure to drink an antipoison and antifire before entering.

After pulling the lever, put on your quick prayers (which should have been set earlier) and pot up. and from there on its strait forward. Just before you ALWAYS drink an antifire the second the warning appears. Also be sure to keep your LP above 120 or 150, and repot every 2-4 kills as the KBD will sometimes lower your offencive stats.

GOOD LUCK!!! - Dairko

The Giant Mole:Edit

The Giant Mole, a very chubby girl with sharp claws, tough skin, and a very active and powerful reproductive system, lies under the Falador Gardens. Her domain extends under a greater portion of the City all the way down to the city's southern well. Many adventurers go down and slay her for her hides and to trade them to the gardener for rewards of bird nests and seeds. However, because of the active mating, (no one currently knows the origin of the adult males, as the male offspring are thought to leave during an absence of humans) she keeps coming back as another Giant Mole. Hence, we actively need to slaughter any adults before the buggers become numerous, as that would cause many problems with structure stability and crop damage all over Geilinor. Interestingly enough, the population of adults in the lair tends to only stay at 1 female for unknown reasons. Below, you will find the most productive methods of slaying the beast.

First off, protection is a must. If you are using foods to replenish your health, you should wear black dragonhide, a void set, rune or better, or a barrows set (all of which depending on your preferred combat style). If you wish to use prayer as your main defence, prayer boosting armour is highly recommended, proselyte being the best choice.

Second, the preferable weapon is something that is more accurate over something that does has a higher DPS, as I will explain later in the notes. The most recommended weapon setup is a chaotic maul or chaotic rapier with a dragon defender and a fighter hat, or full Dharok’s with unidentified liquids to lower health. If those items are not available, don’t fret, as you can replace the hat and rapier with a warriors helm and a whip if you are low on cash. If you want, you can wear a warriors ring for an extra boost with the whip or Dharoks. If you are ranging, accuracy is just as important; use a crossbow, a god book, and any other range boosting accessories.

Next... food (monks or better)/prayer potions, super sets or better, and a beast of burden, preferably the Terror Bird for its tireless run scrolls. Aside from the accessory items (helm, boots, gloves, etc(which should already know what you need)) there’s the items you will need. A lantern, for protection against carnivorous insects. A spade, for entering the lair. Lastly, your tinderbox if your light source is unprotected.

Now to the lair. To enter, simply dig on a hole with your spade in the Falador Gardens. Now to find her. The first place to go look is the center, which isn’t too hard to find; it has a mini obelisk on its wall. If other adventurers are already there, you can hop worlds, join the players clan to share loot, or simply try to steal the kill. Otherwise, search around the lair until you find her. If you haven’t noticed the baby moles by now, then your lantern isn’t lit, or your in the wrong hole (ha ha!). Once you reach her, pot up, and let the battle begin!

If you haven’t turned your prayers on, do so now if your using them. She might not hit too high, but she’s still fairly accurate if you have the wrong armour on or have low defence. Also note, that the mole only uses a melee attack, jabbing you with its long, sharp claws. The first part is the simple watch your health/pray and watch the fight. If you are ranging, use safe spots to avoid taking damage. Once she is at half health, she will dig away. If you were in the way of her digging, and your light source is unprotected and was extinguished, simply relight your light source. Now that you can see again, where is the mole?

There are three ways you can find her: run around blindly and hope to find her before someone else does, follow the direction your familiar goes if it was attacking the mole, or use an Elite Falador Shield for simple directions. However you find her, simply attack her once you find her. if she digs again, simply repeat the paragraph. Once you kill her you can take her loot.

If you have been to the King Black Dragon, then you may find the drops of the mole, familiar, aside from the skins and claws. Skins and claws, as mentioned, can be taken to the head gardener in the Fally Gardens.

Things to note:

-The chance of her digging is higher every time you hit her, whether you deal damage or not, also counting before she hits half health. it has nothing to do with the amount of damage done to her. Hence, mostly slower and more powerful weapons prove the most effective. However, if you can conjure up an accuracy boosting set, it should do just as well.

-higher levels (115+) should only solo or duo the mole, as you would kill her faster alone than with others due to the statement above. If duoing, Dharoks is the absolute most effective set that both players should use, due to the high damage per hit ratio, and often killing the mole without her digging and having to chase her around.

-I am willing to add other statements to the guide if something is missing or should just be added.

As Usual - Good Luck!! - Dairko

PROOF! - something unimportant:Edit

yes, my computer, in all its naked glory. unimportant, and if i am correct will be taken down soon by the nazi regime that is the runescape wiki's administrator community.

everything below here is unimportantEdit










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