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Here is a conflict (nothing to be concerned about)
#00:51:13 IN008 after rewatching the bts video
i have deducted that the choice of the 4 gods is limited to armadyl, zamorak, guthix and saradomin
this is due to the fact
bandos is a war god thus non magic
zaros had fallen vus zamorak is in his place
therefore that concludes the "four gods" to be the ones above
#00:52:57 Ciphrius Kane What are you on about?
#00:53:09 IN008!
i didnt realise it said 4 gods before
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#00:54:46 Ciphrius Kane For what?
YT is acting up for me
#00:56:09 IN008 introducing araine
rune quests update
#00:58:00 Sum1 0 o one mage is purple
#00:58:09 Sum1 0 o I don't armadyl likes purple
#01:00:02 IN008 10 more times pl0x
#01:00:09 Hairr Rift Cyra: Aww!...
#01:00:24 IN008 @sum 1
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#01:00:30 IN008 watch from 1:47
theres 3 statues 1 without a symbol
then at 2:04
theres a red white green and blue mage
no purple
#01:02:22 Sum1 0 o 0:14
on the left screen
purple mage
#01:03:02 IN008 its red
#01:03:26 IN008 it showing a white (bit) red and blue mage
#01:03:31 Sum1 0 o the one next to it
the "white" one has purple robes with white trim
#01:04:05 IN008 no
based of the other models
its white robes
with blue decorations
thus armadyl
and due to the fact
zamorak is there
means zaros has ALREADY fallen
#01:04:58 Sum1 0 o (fp)
white and blue?
#01:05:18 IN008 white and blue
#01:05:24 Sum1 0 o *cough*Saradomin*cought*
#01:05:25 IN008 theres one with blue itself
blue with white trim
is saradomin
#01:05:52 Sum1 0 o bottom left corner purple and white
#01:05:56 IN008 (white star and blue background)
and plus its concept art
the in game images so no purple.
thus 2:04
Armadyl Has yet to appear Gender Male Alignment Law Symbol Armadyl Symbol.png Armadyl symbol.svg Colours White, Light Grey, Gold, Pale Blue, Silver
#01:09:11 Sum1 0 o (IMAGE) I'm pretty sure that's purple
#01:09:22 IN008 wow.
you completely missed the point...
all the mages sitting are in that colour
with there gods trim
#01:09:54 Sum1 0 o no they're not
#01:10:08 IN008 plus
#01:10:17 IN008 Zaros has nothing to do with white
and armadyl can be blue
hence what i said above
#01:11:07 Ciphrius Kane It's clearly Brassica Prime!
#01:11:50 IN008 sum you cant even put zaros in anyway
#01:11:51 Ciphrius Kane Saradomin is the blue guy, Zamorak is the red guy, Brassica is the green guy and Guthix is the white guy
#01:12:15 IN008 he isnt discovered until after the digsite quest
since the quests have NO reqs
#01:12:37 Sum1 0 o *sigh*
#01:12:59 IN008 also look at 2:07. better view of girl on computer

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