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V (true name unknown, but has gone by a variety of names) was a Fremennik seer who discovered the Stone of Jas and the art of Runecrafting in the First or Second Age, and thereafter founded the Moon Clan.[2][3] Some time after this, he ascended to godhood via slaying "at least one evil god". Though this is speculation on the part of the Moon Clan, it fits with his alignment and has previously been demonstrated possible by Guthix and Zamorak for a mortal to ascend by harnessing an elder artefact against a god. In this case, V ascended because of the Stone of Jas.

He is mentioned in The Basics of Magics, appears in a flashback during While Guthix Sleeps, is briefly mentioned by Sliske after Fate of the Gods, and plays a prominent role in the Hero's Welcome quest, in which he is killed by the Dragonkin.


Discovering the Stone of Jas

V------ touching the Stone of Jas

V------ touching the Stone of Jas

V stumbled on the Stone of Jas in the Lunar Isle mine at some point during the First or Second Age, and touching it caused his "mind to unlock the potential of magic", also causing him to grow from a short and stubby human into one of average size. The stone was then "instantly removed by those who walk a higher astral path", leaving behind what would later be dubbed rune essence.[4]

V soon discovered that the rocks where the stone was found had become the rune essence, and that he could change them into "the elements of the universe itself" by focusing his mind on them. He and some other Fremennik then went and created a large number of altars around the world, starting with the Astral Altar. These altars could be used to create runes, which were previously only available in the limited quantities that Guthix gave out. At one point, they were even able to create an altar capable of making any rune at will.[5]

This discovery of Runecrafting created a schism among the Fremennik, with some believing that since runes were a gift from the gods, crafting them was blasphemy, while others believed that they should craft runes and use magic to better themselves. This eventually caused a split between the two factions, with V and his followers going to Lunar Isle and founding the Moon Clan after the other Fremennik turned violent.[6] The Fremennik then went and destroyed the entrances to the rune altars, rendering the Moon Clan unable to runecraft, but their isolation on Lunar Isle and continued practice of magic eventually led to V and his followers surpassing the need to use runes to practice magic.[7]

Ascending to godhood

V thereafter spent the rest of his mortal life attempting to relocate the Stone of Jas, but he was ultimately unsuccessful in his search. What exactly happened to him after this is unknown, but at some point he ended up ascending to godhood and freely leaving Gielinor soon after Guthix had set the edicts.

Return to Gielinor

The following takes place during Hero's Welcome.

He returned to Gielinor in the Sixth Age as part of the Hero's Welcome quest. In this quest he is welcomed in Rellekka by the Fremenniks and their brethren from the Moon Clan after some help from the player. While he arrives he wants to give oxen meat to the people but something goes wrong and strange, live meat appears instead. After this he quickly leaves out of embarrassment, but before he does he asks Alfrick the Planner if he can bring the player to his island after the feast. The player complies and talks with him in a cave on the island and helps him regain some strength by finding duplicates of various objects on the island. Despite this, his strength continues to leak and then the Dragonkin attack him. During this attack Sakirth uses the Elder Mirror on the player, and V pushes the player out of the way to save them, and his remaining energy is transferred to Tarshak, killing V.

V's body

V's corpse

His corpse is left and when the player returns to the cave later on during the quest, there will be an altar dedicated to him in the room where his belongings were found earlier. After the quest his emissary, Hannu, Emissary of V, will also be there.

According to Alfrick the Planner, after his death he reports a large amount of visitors coming to the shrine, mainly members of the Godless and goblins. His legacy continues even after death as the goblins seem to be awed by his values.


V's true name is unknown, as V is merely a childhood nickname and what he preferred to be called. According to V, he went by a variety of names during his life. When he appears in While Guthix Sleeps, his name differs from player to player, from a set list. He is referred to as V------ in the Moonclan manual.

Below is a list of the names he may appear with in While Guthix Sleeps.

  • Vasador
  • Valator
  • Vaasdor
  • Varosad
  • Verisad
  • Vudisor
  • Vlatoad
  • Vedolas
  • Vundiar
  • Versita
  • Vislota
  • Vanjuta
  • Ventura
  • Velothi
  • Verogo


Hero's Welcome concept art

Concept art of V

  • During Hero's Welcome, players can speak to V to learn about some of his adventures in the alternate planes:
    • One of his stories mentions that he defeated a lava demon for which a wizard took the credit, possibly referencing The Lord of The Rings, in which Gandalf the Grey holds off the Balrog, a fire demon.
    • Another of V's stories asks the player "what kind of 'ultimate' monster has a heart OUTSIDE its chest", which could very well be a reference to the Tyrant creature from the Resident Evil games series, specifically the T-002 in the original Resident Evil which the antagonist Wesker views as the ultimate life form.
    • He mentions a plane whereby he gets bored of the mention of a "power level", possibly referencing the Dragon Ball universe.
    • He talks about someone that he should have known was up to no good, with his "would you kindly" this and "would you kindly" that, a reference to the first Bioshock game.
    • He mentions someone named Steed, and not knowing what he was avenging. This is likely a reference to the character John Steed from the British spy series, The Avengers.
    • He talks about fighting giant insects with a lizard king, likely a Godzilla reference with V in the role of Jet Jaguar.
    • He also mentions having told someone that he comes from the land of ice and snow, giving the person inspiration for a song, likely a reference to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.
    • He mentions leaving before finding out the result of a union between a frog and a pig, a likely reference to The Muppets' Miss Piggy and Kermit.
    • He mentions a "minstrel and his ninja sidekick" with a "concert afterwards", a reference to the musical comedy duo Ninja Sex Party.
    • Yet another story makes reference to Super Mario 64 and receiving cake after defeating Bowser.
    • Another story makes a sideways reference to Jagex's "on-hold" game Stellar Dawn, specifically the Pliigi race.
    • One story has the quoted line "I guess this is a case of... divine intervention." and mentions a person fiddling with their eyeglasses. This is possibly a reference to Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami.
    • He bids a were-giant goodbye and watches him walk away into the sunset. Likely a reference to The Hulk.
    • A man he mentions in his stories is most likely a reference to Sherlock Holmes, lighting his pipe and saying "he'd known EXACTLY who I was from the start," with the addition that he didn't need V's help to find the killer.
    • He mentions that a man in a scarf stole his spare helmet and disappeared in a magical outhouse. This is a reference to Doctor Who, specifically the Fourth Doctor.
    • V claims he had to feign death after a sneaky coward floated under a bridge and stabbed him in the foot. This might be a reference to a famous Viking berserker from The Battle of Stamford Bridge who supposedly held back the English army and killed 40 men, until an English soldier floated under the bridge and stabbed him through the planks with a long spear.
  • In Ballad of the Basilisk it references V using a shield and a halberd at the same time. Since halberds are normally two-handed weapons this makes V along with Vannaka and Thok capable of wielding two-handed weapons in a single hand.
  • Several of his possible names are references. Velothi may be a reference to a character from the game The Elder Scrolls.


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