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Valkyrie feathers were removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Valkyrie feathers were a currency used in the Valkyrie's Return event, which appeared alongside the 2019 Winter event.

They functioned in roughly the same way as other time-limited event currencies:

  • They could be gathered from almost any skilling action, or combat, every 3 minutes, or from completing daily challenges.
  • They could be stored in the currency pouch.
  • There was no daily limit on the amount that could be gathered.
  • 20,000 valkyrie feathers were required to unlock all of the rewards.
  • After unlocking the final reward, players could convert additional valkyrie feathers into mystery boxes (500 valkyrie feathers) and big mystery boxes (1,000 valkyrie feathers).


  • Skilling
    • 20% bonus valkyrie feathers from Mining and Smithing
  • Combat
  • Daily challenges
  • Killing Hati, Sköll, and Fenrir
    • Players could receive up to 500 valkyrie feathers per day from killing the wolves. Hati and Sköll gave 150 valkyrie feathers each, while Fenrir gave 200 valkyrie feathers.

Alternatively, valkyrie feathers could be bought for RuneCoins on the Seasonal Event interface Shop tab:

Valkyrie feathers RuneCoins Valkyrie feathers per RuneCoin Price in terms of bonds
500 45 11.1 4,369,267
2,500 240 10.4 23,302,757
5,000 385 13 37,381,506

When a player received valkyrie feathers, they were notified with one of the following messages:

  • You find [X] Valkyrie feathers and place them in your bank. (When there was no space in your inventory and there were none in your currency pouch.)
  • You find [X] Valkyrie feathers and place them in your inventory. (When there was space in your inventory and there were none in your currency pouch.)
  • You find [X] x Valkyrie feathers. They are added to your currency pouch. (When there were some already in your currency pouch.)

Ironman players could gather, return, and convert valkyrie feathers just like regular players. All of the cosmetic override rewards were obtainable. However, mystery boxes and big mystery boxes only gave coins.

There were several methods of idly collecting valkyrie feathers in Prifddinas, such as balancing on the Serenity posts in the Hefin district, pickpocketing elven clan workers, playing the harps in the Ithell district, mining Seren stones in the Trahaearn district, or fishing at the Prifddinas Waterfall.

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