For the Myreque quest, see The Lord of Vampyrium.

Vampyrium's landscape.

Vampyrium, as named by Zaros[1], is the realm from which the oldest vampyres originate. As one of the so-called 'lower planes'[2], Vampyrium was also one of the first worlds to be created by the Elder Gods. It is known to be 'A world with a blood-red sky and many castles and fortresses,' by its rune on the World Gate. The only confirmed vampyres known to have come from Vampyrium to Gielinor are the four Drakan siblings: Lowerniel, Draynor, Ranis and Vanescula. These Vampyres are referred to as true Vampyres and propagated their race by contaminating other races. They appear to be a lot stronger than other Vampyres as they are the ruling class of Morytania yet the other Vampyres do not seem to like them very much.

Originally, the vampyres of Vampyrium were a predatory and instinctual race, though with some awareness. With the coming of The Empty Lord during his exploration of the universe, this began to change however. Inspired by what he had previously witnessed on the demon homeworld of Infernus, Zaros introduced to the inhabitants of Vampyrium the concepts of society and culture.[3] Vampyrium was thrown into civil war, but eventually an aristocracy consisting of eight houses emerged from the infighting to unify the vampyres.[4][5] Uplifted, the vampyres pledged fealty to Zaros, and would eventually follow him to Gielinor in its Second Age, where they remain to this day.

Vampyrium is visited for the first time in the quest The Lord of Vampyrium when Lord Drakan drags the Myreque and several vampyres with him to the homeworld of the vampyres using Castle Drakan as one massive portal fuelled by blood. Lowerniel Drakan has the intention to reclaim the world and to return the trueborn vampyres to their original state as hunters. After the quest the connection to Vampyrium is lost.



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