This article is about the non-player character. For the store, see Contraband Yak Produce.
Vanligga Gastfrihet chathead

Vanligga Gastfrihet is a restaurant proprietor based on Jatizso. Her restaurant is located north of King Sorvott's throne room. During The Fremennik Isles, the player has to tax her 5000 coins. However, they have the option to pay the tax for her. If they tax her, they can repay her after the quest is complete. Either paying her tax or repaying her will open up her store, Contraband Yak Produce, which sells various illegal yak goods. This completes the achievement As Taxed as a Yak.


  • "Vanligga Gastfrihet" may be a pun of the Swedish proverb "Vänlig Gästfrihet", which can be translated to "kind hospitality". It could also be "Vanlig Gästfrihet", which can be translated to "Common hospitality".
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