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Vannaka (called the combat instructor on Tutorial Island) is a medium-level Slayer master in RuneScape. Vannaka is also one of the NPCs associated with the Varrock achievements. According to Duradel, another Slayer Master, Vannaka was once a student of his, and does not wish to challenge him due to his master's great skill.

He instructed new players in fighting with a shortsword/wooden shield and a bow back on Tutorial Island.

Vannaka can be found in Edgeville Dungeon southeast of the wilderness entrance at the slayer master icon Slayer master map icon. He gives Slayer assignments to members with a combat level of 40 or higher. He is now one of the few Slayer Masters with no Quest requirements, along with Turael and Mazchna.

After completion of the Varrock achievements, he can change players' Varrock Teleport location between Varrock Square, the south entrance to the Grand Exchange, or to the north Varrock Altar. However, he can only do this in person and not via the NPC Contact spell. To change locations, "Talk to" Vannaka, select "About the Task System", then select "I'd like to change my teleport point." Players can talk to him to obtain the elite Varrock achievement set rewards; Varrock armour 4, an antique lamp worth 30,000 experience and three antique lamps worth 40,000 experience.


Early life

Vannaka excelled in combat and Slayer. He is a devout Saradominist, highly regarded by Saradomin himself, and previously served in Saradomin's army of warriors. He trained under Duradel, a powerful Slayer Master, who was once the best among them all, before being surpassed by his daughter, Kuradal, and later, also by Kuradal's elven student, Morvran. Vannaka once challenged his former mentor to a duel to determine the best Slayer Master, and fought bravely but was eventually defeated at his hands; following the shame from this incident, he engaged in self-imposed exile. He became a Combat Instructor on Tutorial Island, a former school for adventurers, until year 169 of the Fifth Age. Since then, he has served as a mid-level Slayer Master, based in Edgeville Dungeon.

Rescuing the cursed on Tutorial Island

Main article: Beneath Cursed Tides

The player asks him to join them on their mission to find out what happened to Tutorial Island. When the player returns to Wizard Myrtle, they see that Vannaka and Myrtle are flirting. Myrtle instructs the player to go to Mudskipper Point. After arriving there the player again sees them flirting. The player and Vannaka both go down to the sunken island. Vannaka returns to the cave he used to tutor in to search for his friend Dezzick and the player goes off to search for the other instructors. Later on the player also goes to Vannaka's cave and he teaches them how to wield a two-handed sword underwater. The player then continues to search for the other tutors. Vannaka returns during the final fight when it appears that he was captured by the evil wizard, Hector Vivian. The player aids Myrtle in freeing Vannaka and beating the Vivian. The tutors, Myrtle and the player then reunite at Mudskipper Point and everyone goes their own way after rewarding the player.

Slayer points

After the Smoking Kills quest, players can receive Slayer points for completing slayer tasks, based on how many tasks players have accomplished in a row. Completion of a task assigned by Vannaka will grant you:

  • 4 Slayer points per normal task
  • 20 for every 10th
  • 60 for every 50th

This means that if using Vannaka over the long term, an average of 6.4 points will be granted per task.



Number Combat level Slayer experience Slayer level required Weakness Weighting
Aberrant spectre 60 - 120 72, 78 (Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon) 109, 123 60 Thrown weakness icon Thrown (Slayer tower)
Arrow weakness icon Arrows (Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon)
Ankou 60 - 120 60, 61, 63 68,70,72 1 Earth weakness icon Earth spells 10
Banshee 60 - 120 37, 91 (Mighty) 22, 85 15 Arrow weakness icon Arrows 15
Basilisk 60 - 120 70, 77 75 40 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Bloodveld 60 - 120 61, 68, 92 (Godwars dungeon), 91 & 95 (mutated) 38.6, 88.4, 197, 216, 239.6 50 Thrown weakness icon Thrown
Water weakness icon Water spells
Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Brine rat 60 - 120 49 50 47 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 20
Cockatrice 60 - 120 44 37 25 Crush weakness icon Crush 10
Crocodile 30 - 60 40 34.6 1 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Cyclops 60 - 120 57, 63, 68, 91 75, 100 1 Melee weakness icon Melee 10
Dust devil 60 - 120 85 105 65 Crush weakness icon Crush 25
Earth warrior 30 - 60 78 54 1 Water weakness icon Water spells 15
Ghoul 60 - 120 64 50 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 10
Green dragon 30 - 60 63, 105 (Brutal) 175, 440 1 Arrow weakness icon Arrows 10
Grotworm 60 - 120 28 (young), 63 (regular), 98 (mature) 12, 107.8, 343.5 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts 15
Harpie bug swarm 60 - 120 63 25 33 Crush weakness icon Crush 20
Hill giant 60 - 120 44 39 1 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Ice giant 60 - 120 51 70 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 10
Ice warrior 60 - 120 54 59 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 10
Infernal mage 60 - 120 72 60 45 Arrow weakness icon Arrows 10
Jelly 60 - 120 63, 68 75 52 Crush weakness icon Crush 20
Jungle horror 60 - 120 67 50 1 Water weakness icon Water spells 10
Killerwatt 60 - 120 61 51 37 Crush weakness icon Crush 20
Lesser demon 60 - 120 70, 84 (Revenant) 90.5, 80 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts 10
Mogre 60 - 120 54 48 32 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Molanisk 60 - 120 53 52 39 Crush weakness icon Crush 10
Moss giant 60 - 120 28, 51, 61 60,85,120 1 Slash weakness icon Slash 10
Ogre 60 - 120 56, 67, 86 60 1 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Otherworldly being 60 - 120 63 66 1 Thrown weakness icon Thrown 10
Pyrefiend 60 - 120 61, 67, 92 45 30 Bolt weakness icon Bolts 10
Sea snake 30 - 60 90 50 1 Slash weakness icon Slash 10
Shade 60 - 120 58, 60, 60, 90, 61, 65, 70, 98, 120 38, 56, 74, 32.5, 90, 110 1 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Earth weakness icon Earth spells
Shadow warrior 60 - 120 65 67 1 Air weakness icon Air spells 10
Turoth 60 - 120 64, 66, 68, 69, 71, 138 (Mighty) 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, ? 55 Stab weakness icon Stab 20
Vampyre (monster) 60 - 120 61, 89 (God Wars Dungeon) 40,50,60 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 15
Werewolf 60 - 120 63, 89 (God Wars Dungeon) 90,100 1 Water weakness icon Water spells 10
Total weight 460

Slayer challenge

Vannaka will occasionally (or randomly) offer a special task in place of a regular Slayer task. The player can decline to take the special task without penalty. If the player accepts the special task, completing the task:

  • Earns 4,000 extra Slayer experience.
  • Earns 14 Slayer points, if the player has completed the Smoking Kills quest.
  • Counts as a task for the player's consecutive task count, which is used for Slayer points.

Vannaka's special task is for the player to bring him one scale from each of the four types of chromatic dragons:

Both adult and baby chromatic dragons can drop perfect scales, which are only found while on this special task. It seems that you now always get the scale on the first kill of each type of dragon, and no further will drop when you already have one. Previously, multiple scales of the same type of dragon could be obtained, but extras were destroyed when the task was complete. It may still be possible to obtain multiple scales by killing several dragons before picking up the drops. Note that the challenge is only complete when the scales are given to Vannaka; simply collecting all four scales does not finish the task.

Task weighting

The percentage chance of getting assigned a given Slayer task can be calculated using the formula

$ \frac{w}{S} \times 100% $

where $ w $ is the task's weight and $ S $ is the sum of all weights for the particular Slayer Master. Note that the weights of all blocked tasks, as well as tasks toggled off have to be subtracted from the sum $ S $. Preferring a task doubles its chance of being assigned.

For Vannaka, assuming all possible assignments are available, $ S $ = 460.



  • His Strength level (112) was revealed in Postbag from the Hedge 14. The Evolution of Combat's combat level system would make him at least level 174.
  • Postbag from the Hedge 20 revealed that Vannaka was Duradel's student and had lost while attempting to challenge his master.
  • In issue 27 of the God Letters, it is revealed that at one point, before he went into exile on tutorial island, Vannaka was a follower of Saradomin. Saradomin states:
    It is somewhat of a pity that his glory days are behind him, and his self-imposed exile to tutorial island is in place, for I would deeply desire to see him overcome his shame for his past actions, and take up his place at the vanguard of my holy warriors once again.
    It could be that the 'shame' Saradomin speaks of was Vannaka's defeat at the hands of Duradel. Vannaka appears to have been in the army of Saradomin at one point, since Saradomin states he wishes Vannaka to take up his place with Saradomin's holy warriors once more. What made him leave that service, if anything, is as of yet unknown.
  • Vannaka is most well known because of his ability to wield a steel 2h sword, and a dragon sq shield at the same time. This issue was addressed by a player to Saradomin, who replied:
    The fearsome Vannaka is one of the strongest warriors to ever grace this world, and as such he has the power to wield what would normally be considered to be a two handed sword single-handedly. This is a strength that most mortals do not possess, and it adds to his fearsome reputation as a great swordsman. It is somewhat of a pity that his glory days are behind him, and his self-imposed exile to tutorial island is in place, for I would deeply desire to see him overcome his shame for his past actions, and take up his place at the vanguard of my holy warriors once again. Perhaps the best we may see of him is his current role as Slayer Master and Combat Instructor, although I suspect his thirst for adventure may bring him back for one last battle, so that he may end his days in glory..." This indicates that Vannaka is a follower of the God of Order. Saradomin also responds, to the player's query of the kind of shield Vannaka wields, "The shield Vannaka wields is the mighty Square Shield of the Dragon, an ancient and powerful artefact possessed only by a few members of this world lucky enough to have found one. He has earnt the right to wield it many times over, and it is something of a trophy for him of past glories.
    Vannaka offers a cosmetic override which gives the appearance of wielding his 2h sword as a 1h weapon as a quest reward for completing Beneath Cursed Tides.
  • It is assumed that Vannaka is a member of Legends' Guild, because he can wield the dragon square shield.
  • Vannaka has not received a graphical update for his dragon square shield.
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Vannaka. Valiantly killed a thousand zombies. Died while checking his enchanted gem to see if his assignment was complete."
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