Varrock Census
Varrock Census
Release date 29 September 2008 (Update)
Members No
Quest Yes
Location Varrock Palace library
Examine Varrock Census - Year 160.

The Varrock Census is attached to a lectern in the library in the Varrock Palace. It lists the names and occupations of some of the citizens of Varrock from the Year 160 during the Fifth age. Since the current year in RuneScape is Year 5 of the Sixth age, it is 14 years out of date.

The census is used in the Defender of Varrock quest to track down the descendents of the Elders of Avarrocka.


Citizen name Profession
Gryff Aldock Town Crier
Raminme Altrodor Cook
Layte Aubury Rune seller
Ingald Belger Apothecary
Asyff Bymajique Fancy dress store owner
Baraek Brigson Fur seller
Brugsen Bursen Economist
Jeremy Clerksin Cart expert
Daerig Clod Unemployed
Phillipa DeMarne Minor noble
Trista Donaldson Banker
Straven Enroy Legitimate businessman
Gertrude Fairweather Housewife
Shilop Fairweather Baby
Walter Fairweather Travelling merchant
Wilough Fairweather Baby
Dimintheis Fitzharmon Former Noble
Eustace Forthwright Guard
Everard Grafham Natural Historian
Matthew Grey Sailor
Grimesquit Grime Profession Withheld
Phingspet Grime Profession Withheld
Benny Gutenberg Journalist
Haig Halen Curator
Randulf Harlow Vampyre Hunter
Tobias Hills Guard
Louisiana Jones Student
Lawrence Lambare Priest
Wimock Landsdown Teacher
Stuart Lea Playwright
Phearthee Levalsyx Mugger
Charles Lyeman Unemployed
Surok Magis Mage
Gaffit Malore Librarian
Mabel Malore Information Clerk
Alfi Marino Chef
Aris Maye Gypsy
Iffie Nitter Retired
Thessalia Nitter Clothes Shop Owner
Elsie Parks Retired
Fred Parks Retired
Ethel Prim Servant
Hartwin Prim Student
Enhtor Prysin Knight
Idonea Ramlock Teacher
Trevick Ramlock Banker
Aeonisig Raispher Royal Advisor
Katrine Raven Wallet Relocater
Horvik Ravitz Apprentice Blacksmith
Roald Remanis Our Glorious King
Milo Rovin Captain of the guard
Martina Scorsby Washerwoman
Stephan Scorsby Guard
Sani Semiv Master Smith
Herbert Spiccanspan Street Cleaner
Brana Talvoy Farmer
Launa Talvoy Farmer
Reldo Trimmly Assistant Librarian
Jack Tylner Rat Exterminator
Romily Weaklax Pie Salesman
Treznor Withings Kitchen Boy


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