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Fur stall
Varrock fur stall.png
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members No
Minimap icon Fur trader map icon.png
Location Varrock Square
Owner Baraek
Specialty Furs
Baraek location.png

The Varrock fur stall is a shop that sells fur and purchases bear fur. It is run by Baraek. It is located north-east of Varrock Square. He will purchase bear fur for 12 coins each, or sell them to players for 20 coins each. If players bargain with him, he will sell furs for 18 coins each. He will sell furs one at a time.

He will also purchase grey wolf furs from members for 120 coins each, or if a player has a ring of charos (a) equipped, he can be persuaded to purchase them for 150 coins each. He can also be persuaded to purchase bear furs for 15 coins each.

Unlike most other fur stalls, members with the Thieving skill are unable to steal furs from this market stall.