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The Vegetable ball (in-game Veg ball) is a gnome food that can be made at level 35 Cooking and heals 120 Life Points. It is sometimes needed in the Gnome Restaurant activity.It is a useful agility food because it has no weight and considering the price on the Grand Exchange its almost the same as cooked lobster. If you are in the brimhaven agility dungeon and own a house in brimhaven you should do this to make some: Items and requirements needed: at least 43 construction owning a teak larder, and a fancy range and possibly a mounted amulet of glory if you have 47 construction, complete tree gnome village, and the grand tree,have 35 cooking a gnome bowl and gianne dough and equa leaves and gnome spice. 1. go to gnome stronghold and buy gnome spice and equa leaves and possibly gianne dough and bowl mould if you don't own already..2.teleport or go to your house. 3. take potatoes and onions from larder and bake the bowl.

To make a Veg ball:

  1. Fill a gnomebowl mould with Gianne Dough to create a raw gnomebowl and bake to create a Half baked bowl granting 30 Cooking xp.
  2. Add 2 onions, 2 potatoes and some Gnome spice to the Half baked bowl to create a Half made bowl granting 50 Cooking xp.
  3. Bake the Half made bowl which removes the Unfinished bowl from the gnomebowl mould (returning it to your inventory).
  4. Use the Unfinished bowl with some equa leaves to create the Veg Ball. This grants a final 95 Cooking xp for a grand total of 175 xp for making the dish.
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