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Veliaf Hurtz is the leader of the Mort Myre division of The Myreque, a group dedicated to fighting Lord Drakan's dominion of Morytania and liberating the region. As of River of Blood, he, Ivan Strom, Safalaan, and the player are the only known Myreque members left alive.

Veliaf is a bold and resourceful leader, and is very dedicated to his cause. He tries to do what's best for the Myreque, and when Sani Piliu and Harold Evans, two of his order's members, are killed in the events of In Search of the Myreque by Drakan's lackey Vanstrom Klause, Veliaf is distraught. Through the Myreque quest series, Veliaf gives the player many tasks to complete that will help the Myreque and their cause, such as finding them a new base in Burgh De Rott and creating an ancient staff that is highly effective against the Vampyres of Morytania.

He also appears to be a devout Saradominist. He wears a chestplate with the star of Saradomin on it, and it is apparent that he knows Drezel, the priest of Paterdomus, as he sends Ivan Strom to the Temple when the Myreque became too much for his young mind. During In Aid of the Myreque, Veliaf aids you in the fight against Gadderanks and the Vampire Juvinates. Unlike most of the Myreque, he wears a full set of armour. After the events of In Aid of the Myreque, Veliaf can be found in the basement of the Inn in Burgh De Rott.

During The Lord of Vampyrium, he assists the Meiyerditch Myreque in carrying out an assassination attempt on Lowerniel Drakan. However he is suspicious of Vanescula Drakan, thinking that she has a secret motive behind her assistance to the Myreque. He is saddened by the loss of several allies while in Drakan's Tower, but continues to press on, where he assists the player in fighting several Venators and Drakan himself. After he watches Safalaan being killed by Vanescula, he falls into a depression and dismisses what's left of the Myreque. A cutscene later in the quest shows him impaling his sickle onto a plaque in the Burgh De Rott hideout and leaves.

He appears again north of Canifis where he wants to build statues to remember the fallen Myreque members in the In Memory of the Myreque miniquest.

When spoken with after completion of both River of Blood and In Memory of the Myreque, he thanks the player for their time together, grateful at finding out Safalaan is alive, and promptly teleports away to Castle Drakan shrouded by a smoke bomb. Afterwards he can be found on the roof of Castle Drakan with Safalaan, Efaritay, Vanescula Drakan, and Aeonisig Raispher.



  • Veliaf's name could be a play on words. His name, when pronounced, sounds like "belief hurts".
  • Veliaf received a graphical update on 31 August 2011. He used to wear steel armour with a piece of cloth with a Saradomin star over his body.