Velrak the explorer chathead

Velrak the explorer is an explorer who was captured by the Kinshra while exploring Taverley Dungeon, and imprisoned within in the Black Knights' Base. He is the source of the dusty key, which can be used to access the deepest parts of Taverley Dungeon. As a result of this, he plays a small role in the Heroes' Quest and Scorpion Catcher quests, although his involvement can be skipped in both cases.

To access his cell, players must defeat the nearby jailer to obtain a jail key, and then use the key on the door. If he is then asked if there are any good places to explore, he will provide the dusty key.

If he is spoken to again after this, he will escape and relocate to the entrance of Taverley Dungeon, and will replace dusty keys if they are misplaced.


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