This article is about the spell. For the Fremennik Saga, see Vengeance (Fremennik Saga).
Vengeance icon
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 94
Spellbook Lunar,
Type Combat
Experience 112
Runes 2Death rune4Astral rune10Earth rune
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
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Vengeance is one of the Lunar Spells that rebounds 75% of the damage of the next hit back to their opponent, similar to a ring of recoil or deflect curses. The player will say "Taste vengeance!" when it is activated. Players may only cast Vengeance once every 30 seconds. Bosses and monsters that are immune to reflect damage are not affected by the spell.

In the Duel Arena where only one winner may be declared, Vengeance will not activate if the casting player is killed by the next blow, to prevent both players dying at the same time. Prior to the Constitution update, this was also the case in other PvP situations.

This spell is very popular when player killing, especially when an opponent is using hard hitting weapons such as a godsword or Dharok's because it is possible to rebound large amounts of damage back. Players sometimes take off their armour so their opponent will hit a higher hit on them and thus rebounding a higher hit on the enemy with vengeance. However, a way to counter vengeance is to simply strike the player with a lower-hitting weapon to minimise the full potential of this spell, but this method is quite impractical for dangerous PvP situations.

As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell. It cannot be cast while in a player-owned house, and the effect will wear off upon log out.

Spell cost

10Earth rune2Death rune4Astral rune2,462
Combo runes
2Death rune4Astral rune10Dust rune12,302
2Death rune4Astral rune10Mud rune10,962
2Death rune4Astral rune10Lava rune12,442
2Death rune4Astral runeMud battlestaff2,272
2Death rune4Astral runeStaff of earth2,272
2Death rune4Astral runeElemental battlestaff2,272
2Death rune4Astral runeMystical staff (75)2,272
2Death rune4Astral runeLava battlestaff2,272


  • The animation of the Vengeance skull is also seen in the Quest Within the Light, when the player goes on top of the Death altar. Several vengeance skulls appear and fade away on top of the pillars that surround the altar.
  • On 19 April 2011, the sound effect of casting a Vengeance spell was changed.
  • If Vengeance is activated during the same in game tick as when you say a message, your character will only say "Taste vengeance!" and your message will be blocked out entirely, except in the chat window.
  • The description of Vengeance spells says "75% of the damage received is instead dealt to the attacker", but this is misleading as damage is not actually reduced. The player takes 100% damage of that hit and their attacker takes 75%.
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