Not to be confused with Verac the Defiled or Verak Lith.
Hatchet head (dragon)
Verak was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Verak chathead

Verak is a former vampyre juvinate that has been brought back to human form by use of a dose of Guthix balance. He rewards the player's kindness by giving them a variety of noted items.


  • He was one of the questions in the RuneScape Quiz #5. It asks "Who is Verak?", and most of the players who have answered thought he was non-existent and said that he was a made up character. Some confused him with Verac, the defiled Barrows brother.
  • His name is dragonkin language for King/Emperor.
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