Veronica chathead

Veronica is the fiancée of Ernest. They came upon Draynor Manor, and Ernest went in to ask for directions, as they were a little lost. However, he hadn't emerged after an hour, and she began to worry.[1] She doesn't consider him to be particularly brave.[2]

Veronica is a witness in the Ernest v. Professor Oddenstein court case.


  • After the PvP improvements on 9 December 2008, whenever Veronica would inhale, her neck would stretch and her head flew back.


  1. ^ Veronica, "Ernest the Chicken", RuneScape. "Can you please help me? I'm in a terrible spot of trouble. My fiancé, Ernest, and I came upon this house. Seeing as we were a little lost, Ernest decided to go in and ask for directions. That was an hour ago...and that house looks spooky. Can you go and see if you can find him for me?"
  2. ^ Veronica, "Ernest the Chicken", RuneScape. "I know he’s not exactly brave, but I think you’re being a bit harsh."
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