This article is about the hunter creature. For the skilling tool, see Viridian skillchompa.
Viridian skillchompa
Viridian skillchompa detail
Release date 23 June 2014 (Update)
Hunter level 46
Experience 119
Location Port Phasmatys Hunter area
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Spicy tomatoes
Retaliation Explodes when killed, dealing 20 life points
Loot Viridian skillchompas
Examine Once caught, this creature can be used to enhance gathering of energy, fish, logs and ore. Where applicable, it acts as an adamant-equivalent tool.

Viridian skillchompas are level 46 hunter creatures found south of the Morytanian town of Port Phasmatys in the Port Phasmatys Hunter area. They are caught with box traps and give 119 Hunter experience each when caught. Once caught, viridian skillchompas transform into stackable viridian skillchompas, which can be wielded to give benefits while skilling.

Up to 4 skillchompas can be caught per trap, which scales with Agility level. From level 64 Agility, multiple are always caught. 70,000-80,000 Hunter experience can be gained an hour by hunting viridian skillchompas. With at least 64 Agility, and using a Hunter's Catalyst fragment, hunter urns, and summoning familiars, up to 180,000 experience an hour can be gained

Viridian skillchompas can be attacked and explode when killed. If the attacking player is next to the skillchompa when it explodes, they will be pushed back 1 square and dealt 20 life points of ranged damage (this cannot be mitigated by Prayer). Players hunting these skillchompas should take care, as clicking on one will cause the player to attack it. A player can avoid this entirely by equipping a Ranged or Magic weapon without ammunition, or by selecting the "Hidden" option under the NPC Attack Option Settings.

Using spicy tomato as bait whilst catching chinchompas increases capture rate by 30%.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Viridian chinchompa (unchecked)Viridian chinchompa (unchecked)1Very rare[1]187,098
  1. ^ Can only be obtained if the player has completed the player-owned farm tutorial. Will automatically be placed in the player's inventory.
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