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The Void Knights' Outpost is a small island in the very south of the current map, just south-west of Ape Atoll. This island is nearly abandoned on non-Pest Control worlds, but still is popular with players seeking to repair Barrows armour.

Getting there

To get there, either speak to the Squire on the pier at Port Sarim to travel to the island by ship free of charge, use the teleport option of a Void knight seal, or use a Call to Arms scroll, with a summoned Void ravager, Void shifter, Void torcher or a Void spinner.


The main feature of the island is Pest Control, a co-operative multiplayer combat minigame. The landers at the south side of the island brings players to the Pest Control island when there are 5-25 players in them.

The Elder Sword engram, used for the Memorial to Guthix, is found on the south-east end of the island on top of a barrel near the beacon under a canopy.


Music unlocked



  • The island was graphically updated on 24 June 2010, with the release of Quiet Before the Swarm. Additions were made to the northwestern and eastern ends of the island, adding some new buildings and houses, with the Conquest area being added on 25 August 2010.
  • During the travelling cutscene, the ship is shown docking in the western part of the island. However, the dock is to the north.
  • The Squire bankers are not static NPCs, as in other banks; they keep moving at the other side of the bank counter.
  • On 23 May 2016, the Void Knights' Outpost received a graphical rework, with the addition of a dark atmosphere and rainy effects.
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