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'''Volcano''' may refer to:
Were you looking for:
*[[Karamja Volcano Mine]]
*[[Braindeath Island Volcano]]
*[[Wilderness Volcano]]
* [[Braindeath Island Volcano]], a dormant volcano found on Braindeath Island
* [[Karamja Volcano]], a volcano located west of Musa Point
** [[Karamja Volcano mine]]
** [[Karamja Volcano resource dungeon]]
* [[LOLcano]], an emote that features a volcano
* [[Volcano (Uncharted Isles)]], a piece of scenery found on Uncharted Isles
* [[Wilderness North Volcano]], a mysterious volcano deep in the Wilderness just east of Rogue's Castle
* [[Wilderness Volcano]], a large volcano situated in the centre of the Wilderness that was formerly the site of Bounty Hunter

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Volcano may refer to:

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