Vulnerability icon.png
Release date 23 October 2002 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 66
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat
Experience 76
Runes 1Soul1Chaos
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Vulnerability is a spell in the standard spellbook. When successfully cast on a target, the damage they take from all sources is increased by 10% for 60 seconds. For example, a target that would take 3500 damage instead takes 3850 damage (350 being 10% of 3500).

Vulnerability affects all damage all players can inflict on the target and damage from other sources such as summoning familiars, dreadnips, poison, and even any self inflicted damage the monster may deal to themselves.

Vulnerability is often used against high level bosses such as Telos, the Warden and Nex: Angel of Death. Some bosses have "immunity" against this spell, meaning that upon casting, it will only last for a brief moment before its effects are lifted. Such bosses "immune" to Vulnerability include Vorago, Araxxor and the brothers in Barrows: Rise of the Six.

A target can be simultaneously affected by Curse (the weaker version of Vulnerability) and Vulnerability, but the two spells do not stack and Vulnerability's effects have a higher priority.


1Chaos rune.png1Soul rune.png1,497


  • Before the Evolution of Combat, Enfeeble and Stagger were used alongside Vulnerability for training Magic in metal armour because the spell would always miss with a low enough Magic attack bonus (-65). It could be re-cast indefinitely in this manner, resulting in quick experience. However, this spell no longer gives any experience for missing.
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