Not to be confused with Vyrewatch Skyshadow Outfit.

Vyrewatch clothing is a set of clothes that can be bought from Trader Sven in Meiyerditch. These clothes are designed to blend in and not be noticed by other vyrewatch in Meiyerditch. The parts of the set are:

These clothes will help players by blending in with vyrewatch patrolling the streets, and reduces the chance of being spotted and picked out for blood tithes. The outfit can be added to an armour case in a player-owned house.


  • When vyrewatch clothes were first released, the colours were inverted.
  • After the Morytania graphical update on 17 August 2011, Vyrewatch clothing no longer resembles what the Vyrewatch wear.
  • Prior to trade limits, players would buy the clothes at a low price from the stock in the shop and re-sell them for a higher street price for profit.
  • They were added to the armour case some time prior to 3 September 2015 together with the citizen clothes sold by Trader Sven.
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