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Wallpapers are images occasionally released by Jagex, which can be used as wallpapers on computer desktops. Occasionally, players' input is asked on topics of future wallpapers. Wallpapers exist for their looks, but many are conceptual art for upcoming updates.

Wallpaper sizes

Wallpapers are available in different sizes:

  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1280x1024
  • 1440x900
  • 1600x1200
  • 1920x1200

List of wallpapers

  • Bot Nuke Day - Sprockets and springs go flying in the bot nuke.
  • Char - Zaros' loyal firemaker.
  • One Piercing Note - Elspeth holds back the ripper with her beautiful music.
  • Ghast - Run quickly past these apparitions or your food may turn rotten.
  • The Grotworm Lair - This dungeon is filled with more than just venom spitting grotworms.
  • Nex - Her name is chaos and oblivion personified.
  • Citharede Abbey - You can almost hear their sweet voices on the desert wind.
  • The Elder Kiln - Deep beneath the surface of Gielinor, surrounded by lava and obsidian.
  • Clan Citadel Senate - The senate, found within a Clan Citadel keep.
  • Clan Citadel Dragon - Dragons fly around a Clan Citadel.
  • Clan Citadel Portal - A portal entrance on a floating island.
  • Clan Citadel Welcome Area - A wallpaper of the Clan Citadel welcome area.
  • Clan Logo Winners - The winners of the clan logo competition on a red leather background.
  • Return of the Wilderness - A wallpaper of the iconic green dragon to celebrate the forthcoming return of the Wilderness.
  • Commander Zilyana - Commander Zilyana, head of Saradomin's troops, is of the Icyene: a rare, winged race.
  • Zanaris - The lost city it may be, but we've found a pretty neat-looking image of Zanaris for all you fairy fans.
  • Evil Tree - If you were hacked at, climbed and uprooted, you'd be a touch on the evil side too.
  • Before the Fall - The time has come, my warriors, to begin your servitude to my god. But first, you must die...
  • Castle Wars - Mighty warriors do battle for the honour of the gods. Victory secures a place in the tales of brave men; defeat is not an option.
  • Fremennik Warrior - The skies are aflame with the northern lights; a storm is coming...
  • Drakan's Bloodline - There's nothing quite like the family portrait, even if your family are a bunch of blood sucking vampires!
  • Attack on Varrock - You can't keep a good necromancer down, it looks like Varrock may be about to have a very bad day!
  • Elvarg - House prices on Crandor suddenly and inexplicably plummet!
  • TzTok-Jad - You have to ask yourself - is the fire cape really worth it?
  • Tormented Demon - If your flesh was regenerating as it burned away, you'd be angry too.
  • Corporeal Beast - The Corporeal Beast is the enemy of all spirit families, everywhere.
  • Balance Elemental - The Guthixian balance elemental embodies both destruction and growth.
  • Lumbridge - Why can't people just use a bridge? The Lum is the backdrop for this wallpaper battle.
  • General Graardor - Everyone's favourite ourg takes time out to pose for our artists.
  • Kree'arra - Last of the great Aviantese, Kree'arra is unlikely to go extinct any time soon.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth - At the dark heart of the God Wars Dungeon waits K'ril. Do not approach lightly.
  • Dungeoneering Demon - A party finds something lurking in the depths.
  • The undead attack - Ariane fights off an invasion of the undead.
  • Fight Knights - The knights proudly bear the standard of 2010's winners (Red sky at night, Fight Knight's delight!)
  • Runefest Wall(paper) of Fame - The names and clans of Runefest 2010. A fantastic time was had by all!
  • Logo Pack - A pack of six wallpapers depicting various logos.
  • World Map - A stylised view of the RuneScape world.
  • Vyrewatch - A vyrewatch swoops down to claim another victim.
  • Sir Owen - A by-the-book Temple Knight
  • Ariane - A free spirited magic user.
  • Ozan - A fame-seeking marksman.
  • RuneScape - A stylised view of Gielinor featuring Clan Citadels and the Troll invasion of Burthorpe, to name a few.
  • Player-Owned Ports - Discover what lurks beneath the seas surrounding the Wushanko Isles.
  • Kalphite[sic] King - In a cavern under the sands of the Kharidian Desert, the Kalphite King awaits his next victims.

Discontinued wallpapers

The following items have been quietly removed from the website:

  • Tournament Winners - The Castle Wars wallpaper has been redesigned in honour of the Dutch and Belgian Castle Wars winners!
  • Spider in a Bathtub - Why is the spider playing with the duck? Dunno. Does it have a name? No.
  • The Combat Triangle - The dwarves of Keldagrim will make blueprints of anything, given the chance. Here is the result of their studies in combat.
  • Bordiss's Blueprints - Dwarven engineering can be beneficial to RuneScape - just check out these plans for a renewable energy source.
  • Summoning Concept Art 4 - These titanic creatures from the second batch of Summoning are not to be messed with.
  • Summoning Concept Art 3 - This hydra delivers a heady mix of strength and, well, heads.
  • Summoning Concept Art 2 - Avert your eyes, wee lads and ladesses, for the cockatrice will stare into your soul and turn it to stone!
  • Summoning Concept Art 1 - This wallpaper showcases the wolpertinger, spirit wolf, Pikkupstix and Summoning obelisk.
  • Triple Trouble - Using every style of combat, three warriors face off against the mighty King Black Dragon.
  • Void Knight - This mighty warrior has seen his fair share of battle, but until the war is won his resolve will not falter.
  • Robin Hood - Robin manages to remain dapper while facing off against a band of not-so-merry imps!
  • Wise Old Man - The wise old man is deep in thought, pondering his latest and greatest adventure...
  • Ghost and Spirit Artwork - Angry tree spirits and icy apparitions - enough to send a chill down anyone's spine!
  • Zombie Artwork - Brains..... BRAAAAINS!
  • Mummy Artwork - Mummy mia! They may be deceased and wrapped in bandages from head to toe, but that doesn't mean they can't look great!
  • Imp Artwork - What yer lookin' at, eh? So what if we imps 'ave gone an' got ourselves a bran' spankin' look? Ya got a problem? Nah, din't fink so...
  • Spider Artwork - Take a look at the new-look spiders in RuneScape.
  • Sheep and Goat Artwork - With so many fearsome creatures inhabiting the landscape, where would an adventurer be without the humble sheep.
  • Barbarian Assault - The healers always keep an eye out for wandering barbarians and unprepared adventurers.
  • Elemental Artwork - 2006 saw a bold new look for the elementals of RuneScape. Still going with rocky themes, but jazzed up.
  • Bear Artwork - No one would be likely to make a cuddly toy out of this particular bear.
  • Rat Artwork - The rats of RuneScape are making quite a splash in the sewers with their fearsome new look!
  • Wish You Were Here - If these guys are off enjoying their summer vacation, who is defending Lumbridge?
  • Lava Dwarf - We've heard of those who like their bathwater hot, but the lava dwarves take it to a ridiculous level.
  • Trouble Brewing - Landlubbers beware: thar be Trouble Brewing on the horizon!
  • Gnome Restaurant - The gnome restaurant is an acquired taste, offering peculiar dishes and 'original' flavours.
  • The Grand Tree - This recently unearthed drawing of the Grand Tree should make an exquisite backdrop for your computer.
  • Runescape Map - An excellent drawing of the RuneScape world. Something every traveller should have in their backpack.
  • Iban's Temple - Deep in the Underground Pass you can find a temple devoted to the once dead evil warrior: Iban.
  • Bob's Last Stand - Bob the Jagex Cat faces off against the Kalphites - luckily everyone knows cats have 9 lives.
  • Green Dragon - Unfortunately we can't offer you a real dragon to keep in your garden, but we can offer you a picture of one!
  • Warrior and Skeleton - A very detailed wallpaper featuring the RuneScape Warrior and Skeleton.
  • Wandering Warrior - A wallpaper depicting a warrior wandering in the fields of RuneScape.



Discontinued wallpapers

Christmas wallpapers


  • The wallpaper "Wish You Were Here" used to have the description "If these guys are on vacation, then who's holding the select detail signs?" before the graphical rework. With the release of the new website, the last part was changed to "Who's defending Lumbridge?"
  • Some time around early August of 2009, Jagex silently removed many of the wallpapers from the main website with no explanation or warning. The wallpapers removed included all of their earliest pieces, which had been available for download since 2004 and earlier ("The Grand Tree" through "Wandering Warrior" in the "Discontinued wallpapers" list).
  • "Trouble Brewing", "Lava Dwarf", and "Wish You Were Here", despite being later works, may have been removed due to large amounts of skin showing.
  • "Gnome Restaurant" was probably removed due to its link to religion, as it was a parody of the 15th century mural painting "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. The poses of the gnomes in the wallpaper were identical to the poses of the men in "The Last Supper."

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