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Wanted! is a quest that focuses on the completion of your application to become a Temple Knight. Due to an oversight during your recruitment, you are now to hunt down an extremely dangerous wizard and mass murderer named Solus Dellagar.

Official description

A wanted man is on the loose. Can you track him down?


Start pointQuest map icon
Wanted! icon
Begin by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyIntermediate Intermediate
Official lengthMedium to Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
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Enemies to defeat

A tiny problem with the old dossier

Sir Tiffy Cashien chathead

Speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Ask if he has any jobs for you yet.

He lets you know the White Knights made "a tiny blunder", and that you're not actually permitted to join the Temple Knights if you're not in the order of the White Knights. It turns out you have to work as a squire for five years... or try Sir Tiffy's different solution to the problem.

Tell him you are interested and he will mention a loophole which will let you in, now ask about the Wanted quest, and he will tell you to go see Sir Amik Varze, who can be found in the White Knights' Castle, on the west side of the 2nd3rd floor[UK] .

Definitely not some kind of elaborate hoax

Sir Amik Varze chathead

Find Sir Amik Varze and talk to him; after a short conversation, he asks you to become a squire. Decline his offer and continue the conversation; Sir Amik tells you that there needs to be a crisis for you to be deputised directly as a White Knight.

If you accept Sir Amik's offer to become a squire, he will ask you to get him an Asgarnian ale. Bringing him one will just cause him to ask for another one. Go report back to Sir Tiffy with what Sir Amik said and he will tell you about a particularly vicious and dangerous criminal. After the conversation with Sir Tiffy, head back to Sir Amik and speak with him about the criminal.

Sir Amik tells you the news that a criminal named Solus Dellagar, the "infamous murderous mage", is back. Continue through this conversation as well, and accept the mission. Sir Amik now makes you a fully deputised White Knight.

The Temple Knight communication orb

Commorb Scanning

A player scanning with the commorb.

Items needed: Either 10,000 coins, or a law rune, enchanted gem and molten glass

Return to Sir Tiffy and speak with him. Your task is to track Dellagar down for a recovery team to capture the evil mage – Tiffy will mention that you need a device called a commorb, which you can either have Tiffy make (by giving him a law rune, enchanted gem, and molten glass), or by giving him 10,000 coins.

Tiffy now asks you to contact your information operative, Savant. You have several options for controlling your commorb:

  • Scan: Once in range, you can scan for Solus Dellagar to find him.
  • Contact: Allows you to contact Savant. Savant is a Temple Knight agent who helps you defeat Solus Dellagar. She can only be seen in the commorb, though her real location is hidden.
  • Playback: Give you your current and past assignments.

Contact Savant using the commorb. She tells you that you should investigate the Taverley Dungeon where the Black Knights supposedly are, and that you should also take a look at the Mage of Zamorak that is interested in Runecrafting.

Down in the dungeon

Items needed: Commorb
Items recommended: Combat equipment and food
Solus threatens Daquarius

Solus confronts Lord Daquarius

Head into Taverley Dungeon. Make your way to the south-western-most room of the Black Knight's Base to find Lord Daquarius. Talk to him, but he won't help you. Savant advises you not to try to bluff him into giving you something. Once you kill a Black Knight, however, Daquarius will give in, begging you not to kill any more of his men.

Talk to him again, and he tells you that Solus is in a place with a lot of fur that is not bear fur.

Trading for information

Items needed: Commorb, 20 unnoted rune essence or pure essence
Mage of Zamorak chathead
Discontinued Wanted cutscene 2

Solus threatens the Zamorak Mage

Before talking to him, take off any worn Saradomin or Guthix items. Grab twenty unnoted rune or pure essence and speak to the Mage of Zamorak. If you have already started the Abyss miniquest, you may go straight to the Altar of Zamorak in the southeast corner of Varrock. If not, he is located in Edgeville at the end of the river in the Wilderness, where he then directs the player to the Altar of Zamorak.

The Mage of Zamorak offers to trade what he knows about Solus for your commorb, but Savant stops you. He then offers to trade his information for twenty unnoted rune or pure essence. Talk to the mage again, and trade him the essences. He tells you somewhat unhelpfully that Solus is east of the mage. Savant reminds you that Daquarius said Solus is with furry animals of some kind. The adventurer deduces Solus Dellagar is in Canifis.

Chasing Solus Dellagar

Items needed: Commorb
Items recommended: Light source, teleports and activated lodestones, combat equipment and food. Take off your Ring of life if you are wearing one, it will not help you and will be destroyed.
Woman (Wanted!) chathead
Solus black knight

"Say hello to my little friend!"

Now head to Canifis. Once you enter the village of werewolves, Savant contacts you and says she is going to scan for Solus. She tells you a bit about a teleporting experiment and suggests you scan for Solus.

Choose the Scan option with your commorb as you walk around Canifis until you uncover Solus. Solus briefly appears, speaks with you, and disappears. Savant then appears and gives you a clue to Solus's next whereabouts.

From this point on, you'll be chasing Solus throughout Gielinor, and each time you find him you'll receive an item in your inventory. That item is a hint for where to go next. The items appear in random order, so below is a list of items that you may receive, along with the location the item is a hint for:

Solus flames of zamarok

Solus's Flames of Zamorak spell nearly killing a player

At about the third scan location, Solus will become irritated by your perseverance. You will have a short conversation, and taunt him at the end. In response, he will use a particularly strong Flames of Zamorak spell, lowering your life points to a fraction of your maximum life points. The spell will never kill you as Savant will fortunately protect you, but it will destroy a Ring of Life if you have one equipped. You will then be teleported back to Falador, in the White Knights' Castle with all of your items.

Fighting Solus

Fighting the weakened Solus.

Eventually, you get the noted rune essence clue, so head off to whichever Rune Essence mine teleport spot you want. Upon entering the mine, you view a cutscene where Savant summons fifteen rangers to attack but Solus Dellagar kills them all with Ice Barrage, dealing 700 damage to each Temple Knight. After that, the cut-scene ends, and Solus is greatly weakened. Finish off Solus Dellagar yourself.

Solus is fairly easy, with no specific combat level, around 3500 life points, and only uses melee due to being weakened. Once he is defeated, you receive his hat in your inventory. Return to Falador, talk to Sir Amik Varze, and hand over Solus's hat. If the hat is lost, speak to Savant to obtain another one.

Congratulations, quest complete!


Wanted! reward
Music unlocked

Required for completing

Completion of Wanted! is required for the following:



  • After completion of Wanted!, the Adventurer's Log will read "As a shortcut to being deputised into the White Knights, I tracked down and defeated a dangerous mage known as Solus Dellagar."
  • When scanning at the third location, your character will say, "Dead or alive, you're coming with me," a reference to RoboCop.
  • When Solus summons the Black Knight he says, "Say hello to my little friend," a reference to Scarface.
  • After completing the quest, if you talk to Juna, your character will say, "...And after I had finally managed to track him down, let me tell you, that Solus Dellagar fellow was almost as powerful as he was insane!"
  • When you first talk to Sir Tiffy, you will mention elemental items, whether or not you have completed quests in the Elemental Workshop quest series.
  • If the player receives the Castle wars ticket as a clue it will go straight into the player's Currency pouch.
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