War-chief Reeves chathead

War-chief Reeves is found on the first floor of the Officer Tower. He manages War-chief Reeves's reward shop, the rewards store for players whose rank is 200-299. He sells the War-chief outfits, Good locator, and Quest kit (Advanced). His spoils rewards are either of higher level/value than those of Commander Loman or are the same reward but with a greater quantity. He can enchant Lunar rings, a Ring of charos, and Dragonstone rings.

Reeves is an A.R.M.S. veteran, having worked there as war-chief for sixteen years. At one point, he was victorious in a battle using only his fists.


  • If you walk away from War-chief Reeves while talking to him he will shout out, "At what point did I dismiss you?"
  • When you start to speak to him, you will perform the Salute emote.
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