War-chief clothing set equipped

War-chief clothing is a set of equipment bought from War-chief Reeves at Mobilising Armies with reward credits, which are obtained by completing a game. It can be bought with 200+ Ranking from the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the officer tower.

Players can store the full set in the Magic wardrobe of their Costume room.

Piece Credit cost
War-chief cap War-chief cap 106,000
War-chief top War-chief top 123,700
War-chief trousers War-chief trousers 123,700
War-chief skirt War-chief skirt 123,700
War-chief boots War-chief boots 106,000
War-chief gloves War-chief gloves 106,000
Total 565,400[1]
  1. ^ Assuming only one of either the skirt or trousers is bought
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