A player wearing the outfit

The warped gorajan trailblazer outfit is a Dungeoneering outfit that is acquired from combining the frozen, furnished, abandoned, and occult gorajan trailblazer outfits. The outfit cannot be taken into Daemonheim, but its effects will still function.

Once combined, it is impossible to disassemble the combined pieces. Pieces of the outfit will work with any non-combined pieces from other gorajan trailblazer outfits as long as all other pieces are of the same outfit. Each piece of the Warped gorajan trailblazer outfit can be recoloured to Frozen, Furnished, Abandoned, Occult, and Warped.

The pieces of the frozen, furnished, abandoned and occult gorajan trailblazer outfits can currently be collected from Treasure Hunter or through collecting Dungeoneering fragments (which requires level 70 Dungeoneering) and combining these with the Invention skill at level 20 Invention and level 80 Dungeoneering.

Changing the appearance of the outfit

Set effects

When the full set is owned, it has the following effects:

  • +7% experience boost to all skills within Dungeoneering.
  • +7% base experience for the floor (also increases tokens earned).
  • 7% reduced depletion rate on skilling nodes.
  • 7% damage boost to all combat in Dungeoneering.
  • +3 level boost to all stats while Dungeoneering (excluding Dungeoneering, Summoning, and Invention).
  • Increased spawn rate of rare slayer creatures in Dungeoneering.
  • "Ice walking boots" passive effect that stops the player from slipping on ice within frozen floors.
  • Ability to skip a puzzle room in a dungeon once per party per floor by clicking on a locked door in a puzzle room.
  • 20% chance of not using up a Dungeoneering lock melter.
  • 7% discount on rewards shop and floor prestiging (the player has to be wearing the full warped set for this to work). Does not apply to swapping tokens for experience.
  • 3 additional daily Sinkhole teleports.
  • Dungeoneering lamps from Sinkholes give 10% additional experience.

Outfit pieces

Warped gorajan trailblazer head.png Warped gorajan trailblazer head
Warped gorajan trailblazer body.png Warped gorajan trailblazer body
Warped gorajan trailblazer legs.png Warped gorajan trailblazer legs
Warped gorajan trailblazer hands.png Warped gorajan trailblazer hands
Warped gorajan trailblazer feet.png Warped gorajan trailblazer feet
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