Water ravine dungeon entrance

The entrance to the dungeon. Rope is required to enter.

The Water Ravine Dungeon is home to the spirits of the Elid, who are worshipped by the people of Nardah. Players must have started the quest Spirits of the Elid to gain access to the dungeon. To enter, players have to use a rope on the entrance, which is at the source of the River Elid. After the Spirits of the Elid quest, the only generally useful features are several lure/bait Fishing spots and a perpetual fire.

Ravine dungeon cave

The cave itself

Inside the dungeon, the player encounters a locked door that can only be opened if the player has the ancestral key and is wearing the robes of elidinis. During and after Crocodile Tears it can be accessed with a rope and the dowsing rod.

Water Ravine Dungeon map


These creatures are only fought during the Spirits of the Elid quest.




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