Water battlestaff detail

A water battlestaff is a medium power water elemental staff. It requires 30 Magic to wield and provides an unlimited amount of water runes. Water battlestaves can be created through the Crafting skill at level 54 by using a water orb with a battlestaff, granting 100 Crafting experience. It is also dropped by monsters and a reward of treasure trails. This is a good item to cast High alchemy on as the resulting profit is 921 coins, if the water battlestaff and nature rune are both bought from the Grand exchange. As the name suggests, the staff features a higher attack bonus than the staff of water, making it a better staff to use than the staff of water. It can be upgraded to a mystic water staff by Thormac for 40,000 coins after completing the Scorpion Catcher quest or for 27,000 coins after completing the Seers' Village hard achievements.

With 85 Crafting, players may attach a shade skull to the water battlestaff, creating a skeletal battlestaff of water.

Combat Stats
RequirementsWater battlestaff equipped
30 Magic
Magic Magic2h slot
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


Water battlestaff Water battlestaff
Crafting-Make-X GE icon
100 XP-7,974
Crafting Crafting level54
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Water orbWater orb15,9425,942
Total price8,954

Experience table

Item Components Exp. Type
Molten glass Bucket of sand + Soda ash 20.0 Crafting
Unpowered orb Molten glass + Glassblowing pipe 52.5 Crafting
Water orb Unpowered orb + Charge Water Orb 66.0 Magic
Water battlestaff Water orb + battlestaff 100.0 Crafting
Total experience = 66 Magic experience and 172.5 Crafting experience

Production costs

The data in this table is based on purchasing only the final assembly parts from the Grand Exchange: the battlestaff and the water orb. It compares the Grand Exchange material cost against the Grand Exchange sale value of the assembled item, and then the profit (or cost) per crafting xp (100 xp per water battlestaff.)

Water orb
GE value
GE value
Materials purchase cost
(Water orb + Battlestaff)
Water battlestaff
GE value
Profit Profit/xp
5942 3012 8,954 7974 -980 -9.8

Alchemy production costs

The data in this table is based on the Grand Exchange prices of the battlestaff and water orb. It is accurate assuming both items are bought off of the Grand Exchange and the completed water battlestaff is alchemised afterward.

Material cost Profit/loss Profit/xp
8,954 346 3.46

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Armadylean shaman (Treasure Trails)1051Common
Murderous bakami jarN/A3–6Common
Murderous orokami jarN/A3–4Common
Spiritual mage49; 981Common
Cave bug8; 121Rare
Abyssal demon (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Ancient mage (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Ancient ranger (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Ancient warrior (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Aquanite (elite)1041Uncommon
Automaton (Heart of Gielinor)1151Uncommon
Automaton champion1181Uncommon
Black Knight (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Black Knight champion1151Uncommon
Blood reaver (Heart of Gielinor)1151Uncommon
Bloodveld (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Butcher demon1181Uncommon
Cadarn magus1221Uncommon
Champion of Infernus1191Uncommon
Chaos dwarf (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Corrupted dust devil1071Uncommon
Fallen champion1191Uncommon
Guthix wizard105; 1191Uncommon
Hellhound (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Mighty Blood reaver1181Uncommon
Murderous bakamiN/A3–6Uncommon
Nechryael (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Necromancer (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Saradomin wizard981Uncommon
Seren archer1081Uncommon
Seren mage1081Uncommon
Seren warrior1081Uncommon
Shadow demon1181Uncommon
Skeleton (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Wight ranger1081Uncommon
Wolf (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Zamorak wizard701Uncommon
Zamorakian sniper (Heart of Gielinor)1081Uncommon
Murderous orokamiN/A3–4Unknown


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