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A water source is any source of drinking water in RuneScape, excluding rivers. Players can collect water from specific sources, which are marked with an icon (Water source map icon), and must use a container to do so.

There are many different kinds of water source all over RuneScape, each bearing slight differences from others.

Water is used in many cooking recipes including pies, wine and bread. To get water simply click "use" on a container and then click on the source you wish to obtain water from.

Apart from the common water sources, members can also build a water source in their player-owned houses. With level 7 Construction, they are able to build a kitchen and a water pump in it.

To collect water, the player must be standing next to a water source. He or she should then use a bucket, jug, bowl, waterskin, vial or watering can on the water source.

All water containers of the type used with the water source will be quickly filled.

Water is also used when travelling through the desert in the form of waterskins. These can be bought from players or from the guard at the Shantay Pass.

Quest related

Water sources close to a bank (pay to play)

Location Image Distance (in squares walked) Notes
Meilyr district of Prifddinas Water source (Meilyr) location 4 One click banking. Must have completed Plague's End.
Menaphos Grand Exhange 6 One click banking. Must have completed The Jack of Spades.
Lumbridge Castle Cellar Water source (Lumbridge cellar) location 11 One click banking. Must have started the Recipe for Disaster quest
Neitiznot Water source (Neitiznot) location 12 One click banking. Must have partially completed The Fremennik Isles.

Water sources close to a bank (free to play)

Location Image Distance (in squares walked) Notes
Lumbridge furnace water trough Water source (Lumbridge) location 18 One click banking. No requirements.
Varrock West Bank Water source (Varrock) location 21 None
Falador West Bank Water source (Falador) location 15 The waterpump here is small and significantly harder to click than the Varrock West Bank fountain.
Edgeville Water source (Edgeville) location 31 (well), 36 (sink) The 31-step path to the sink has a door and a gate, the 37-step path circumvents the gate.

Additionally, there are 4 fountains at the GE. They are unmarked on the minimap and do not show the 'Fill' option when right-clicked. However, using a relevant object (eg. clay, flour, or vessels) will proceed as normal.

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