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This article contains information for players seeking to kill waterfiends, including the recommended equipment, inventory and strategies.

Waterfiends are weak to ranged attacks and very weak to bolts. With 80 or higher Ranged players can get over 200 kills per hour which also gives over 150 crimson charms and over 150k Ranged experience per hour.  While waterfiends are weaker to crossbows and bolts, bows like the crystal bow can still be very effective.  

Recommended equipment


Weapon    Ascension crossbows > Royal crossbow/Chaotic crossbows > Zaryte bowHand cannon > Karil's crossbowBlack salamanderCrystal bowKaril's Pistol Crossbow & off-hand crossbow >Dragon crossbow & Off-hand dragon crossbow/Red salamader

Ascension bolts > Royal bolts > Hand cannon shot >Bolt rack/Harralandar tar>Tarromin Tar/Ruby bolt(e)


For Slayer - Full slayer helmet > Focus sight
When not slaying - Sirenic mask > Pernix cowl >Void ranger helm/Armadyl helmet > Karil's coif > Royal d'hide coif > Red d'hide coif = Blue d'hide coifArcher helmSnakeskin bandana

Body Pernix body >Void robe top  /Armadyl chestplate > Karil's top > Royal d'hide bodyBlack d'hide body > Red d'hide body
Legs Pernix chaps >Void robe bottom /Armadyl chainskirt > Karil's skirt > Royal d'hide chapsBlack d'hide chaps > Red d'hide chaps
Shield Dragonfire shield (ranged) > Armadyl buckler
Gloves Pernix gloves >Void gloves/Armadyl gloves > Mercenary's gloves > > Royal d'hide vambraces > Culinaromancer's gloves 10 > Black d'hide vambraces > Red d'hide vambraces
Boots Pernix boots >Glaiven bootsArmadyl boots > Spined boots > Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots
Neck Saradomin's murmur > Amulet of Ranging > Amulet of fury > Dragon rider amulet > Amulet of glory
Cape Completionist cape > Max cape > Ava's alerterAva's accumulator > Ava's attractor
Ring Archers' ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Sixth-Age circuitArchers' ring > Berserker ring > Tokkul-Zo > Ring of Wealth > Ring of Life (recommended for lower-leveled players)
Familiar For Healing - Bunyip (Swallow Whole scrolls if lower Defence Level)
For Combat - Geyser titan


Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)
Super ranging potion (4)Ferocious ring (5)Charming impShark

Mid-to-high-level inventory:

Lower-level inventory:

Additional healing tips

  • The waterfiends drop a significant number of raw sharks and lobsters, left lying on the ground by many players. Bringing a log, or cutting one form Zanaris, or getting a Yew log drop from a Barbarian spirit allows cooking a lot of food in situ.
  • The Vampyrism aura works well here

Alternate location strategies

The most popular spot to kill waterfiends is the Ancient Cavern, as it is easily accessible. However, for those that seek higher charm drop rates or wish to use a dwarf multicannon, there are two viable alternative locations: the Chaos Tunnels and the Ghorrock Fortress.

Players who have the Summoning level to use an geyser titan can kill waterfiends much more quickly in the Chaos Tunnels than in the Ancient Cavern, with consistent usage of the titan's scroll loaded into an enchanted helm. Using Soul Split and taking advantage of the occasional cooked shark drops, high level players can stay for a very long time (enough to make full usage of a Familiarisation triple-charm period).

In Ghorrock fortress, there are a number of waterfiends. After completing The Temple at Senntisten but their drops are different from the norm; the waterfiends at Ghorrock have a lower charm drop rate, but drop two charms at a time. A cannon can be used there, which is useful for efficient Slayer experience

Polypore Strike is also effective, especially when combined with Dragon Breath and Omnipower abilities. Using a hexcrest and a charged amulet of glory can result in 15% boost to magic damage vs. an assigned Slayer target and a 3.9% critical hit bonus.

Extra tips

  • It is also worth mentioning that while it may cost a certain amount to kill waterfiends through use of prayer potions, food or familiars etc., players can at least break even through picking up noted water orbs, noted snape grass, water talismans, ranarrs, lantadymes, items from the rare drop table, and even the reward from the level 3 clue scrolls they drop.
  • Some High Level Alchemy runes can be brought to alch valuable drops such as water battlestaves or armour pieces like the rune helm and adamant platebodies - even the less valuable staves and mithril items alch profitably. Due to lack of space, many people may not want to pick up all items and usually only pick up the stackable items such as water orbs, mithril arrows, and various runes. Alternatively the Explorers ring or Alchemy amulet can be used.
  • For those fighting Waterfiends in the Ancient Cavern, using the fairy ring (code BJQ) is a much quicker route to stock up on food/potions than walking all the way from the Barbarian Outpost. Note that the fairy ring is only accessible after completing much of Barbarian Training, at least up to Pyre ships. Before the ring can be used, bittercap mushrooms must be planted there. With 5 mushrooms in your inventory, use one of the mushrooms on the 'enchanted lands' spot near the centre of the ring.
  • Waterfiends usually drop 1 water rune, 1 charm (typically crimson), and one other item or two grimy herbs. Sometimes the other item is 90 water runes. This means if a player examines the drop and sees only "charm" and "water rune", the odds are good that the player has received a charm and 91 water runes. If a player sees a charm, a water rune, and something else (like a shark), the water rune is 1 and not 91. The single water runes are not worth picking up.
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