Weakness is what describes a monster's and/or player's vulnerabilities in combat. Whatever a monster's weakness is, is the best possible style of combat with which to approach the fight. If a monster is weak to a particular style, that style will be more effective than other styles. However, every other style of the same class is usually also effective. A monster's weakness can be discovered by looking at the combat interface; its weakness will be displayed next to its name.


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The main effect of weakness is to describe the affinities of the monster to each style, which in turn affects the hit chance of attacks against it. A higher affinity means a higher hit chance.

In general, the combat triangle is followed: a monster with a specific weakness (e.g. slash) is also fairly weak to other attacks in the same class (e.g. melee), has average resistance to hits of the class with disadvantage to their weakness (e.g. ranged), and has high resistance to the class with advantage to their weakness (e.g. magic). It is also common that weaknesses are based on the monster's combat style.

Only the specific weakness (e.g. slash) has any affect on affinity - all other specific styles (e.g. stab, air, bolts, etc.) are treated as their class only.

Weakness Affinity Examples
Specific weakness 90 Stab weakness icon Slash weakness icon Crush weakness icon Arrow weakness icon Bolt weakness icon Thrown weakness icon Air weakness icon Water weakness icon Earth weakness icon Fire weakness icon
Weakness class 65 Melee weakness icon Ranged weakness icon Magic weakness icon
Neutral class 55 Ranged weakness icon Magic weakness icon Melee weakness icon
Resistant class 45 Magic weakness icon Melee weakness icon Ranged weakness icon

Monsters with no weakness commonly have 55 affinity to everything, though boss monsters are a common exception.

Player weakness

Players do not have specific weaknesses, nor any displayed weaknesses. Their actual affinities are determined by what they are wearing, represented in their Loadout interface as "style bonus".

List of weaknesses

Weakness List of monsters
Zero weakness icon Nothing Weak to nothing
Melee weakness icon Melee Weak to melee attacks
Crush weakness icon Crush Weak to crush attacks
Slash weakness icon Slash Weak to slash attacks
Stab weakness icon Stab Weak to stab attacks
Ranged weakness icon Ranged Weak to ranged attacks
Arrow weakness icon Arrows Weak to arrows
Bolt weakness icon Bolts Weak to bolts
Thrown weakness icon Thrown Weak to thrown weapons
Magic weakness icon Magic Weak to magic attacks
Air weakness icon Air spells Weak to air spells
Water weakness icon Water spells Weak to water spells
Earth weakness icon Earth spells Weak to earth spells
Fire weakness icon Fire spells Weak to fire spells

Special weaknesses

Some monsters have weaknesses to specific weapons or attacks. These do not always affect affinity - sometimes they directly increase hit chance, sometimes they increase weapon accuracy.

Special weaknesses are Members only, except "Silverlight".

Weakness Targets Notes
Silverlight Silverlight Demons
(full list)
Acts as the monster's weakness, as well as gaining increased hit chance and damage. Darklight has a further increased bonus and can be upgraded.
Keris Keris Kalphites and scabarites
(full list)
Increased hit chance and damage.
Balmung Balmung Dagannoth
(full list)
Increased hit chance and damage.
Ice Barrage Ancient Magicks Muspah
(full list)
Doubled damage.
Gadderhammer Gadderhammer Shades
(full list)
Increased damage and accuracy.
Salve amulet Salve amulet Undead
(full list)
Increased accuracy and damage.
Blisterwood staff Blisterwood Vampyres
(full list)
Increased accuracy and damage.
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane Dragons, abyssal demons, wallasalki, or basilisks
(full list)
Specifically tuned to one of the above types. Increased hit chance and damage.
Holy water Holy water Demons
(full list)
Increased hit chance and damage.
Steel brutal 2 Brutal arrows Zogres
(full list)
Ignores the 75% damage reduction zogres have against other attacks.
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