Wealth evaluator detail

The wealth evaluator is a consumable item bought from Bonds or RuneCoins (Although not available in the Solomon's General Store) that calculates a player's overall wealth. Once purchased from the ingame Wealth evaluator interface accessed from the inventory interface, it is placed as an item in your bank which may be activated from one's inventory.

Once activated, it enables a button (Wealth evaluator button) in the inventory interface and allows unlimited use for 2 weeks (actually fourteen days after midnight (UTC) on the day of activation). This duration can be extended for each wealth evaluator bought for up to 6 months. It can be permanently unlocked for the cost of 480 RuneCoins in p2p and 533 RuneCoins in f2p or 3 bonds (56,800,470 coins). However, as bonds are worth 195 RuneCoins each, it is recommended to redeem the bonds for RuneCoins before purchasing a preset in order to save 105 RuneCoins as a member and 52 RuneCoins as a free player. The option to rent for a limited period of time is still available.

Unlike other price checkers and gold the limit-cap is (9,223,372,036,854,775,807). This evaluator costs 69 RuneCoins, 63 for members.

Your wealth in the following areas is calculated:

Excluded locations

Valuation anomalies

  • Resource crates - valued at the "value" so a large herblore crate, with contents worth between 407,926 coins and 1,685,970 coins is reckoned as 2,000 coins.
  • Portable skilling packs are valued at 1 coins even though they contain 5 of any given type of Portable skilling station, for example 5 Portable crafters, valued at 229,570 coins.
  • A zaryte bow that is not fully charged is valued at 900,000 coins rather than the GE price (currently 8,816,585 coins) less the cost of recharging.
  • Superior scrimshaws are valued at 100,000 coins, regardless of the value of the corresponding scrimshaw.
  • All 3 versions of the TokHaar-Kal are valued at 6,000,000 coins in the death interface, but only 100,000 coins in the Wealth Evaluator.
  • The superior Leviathan ring is valued at 90,000 coins in the death interface value, but 100,000 coins in the Wealth Evaluator.
  • The dragon defender is valued at 90,000 coins in the death interface value, but only 1 coins in the Wealth Evaluator.
  • A Santa hat with beard is valued at only 160 coins untradable wealth, despite being readily converted into a Santa hat currently valued at 1,192,527,006 coins in the GE.
  • The value of untradeable potions according to the wealth evaluator (when the option "include untradeable wealth" is activated) is extremely low. For example, a flask with 3 sips of overload is valued at 220 coins, even though the ingredients to make it cost over 50,000 coins. The situation is similar for other untradeable potions, such as super antifire and extreme potions.



  • There was a glitch where the evaluator showed the initial Grand Exchange value of degraded items. This was fixed on 14 April 2014.
  • There is currently a glitch where the evaluator does not let muted players announce their wealth in Friends Chats or Clan Chats, although it does in Local Chat.
  • Broadcasting wealth locally uses the quickchat logo (Quick chat button), but the phrase cannot be found on quickchat when searched.
  • When there's less than 24 hours remaining, the border around the icon turns red.
  • During the last minute of the wealth evaluator, if you keep the interface opened, it would loop to 23 hours and 60 minutes after it expires. Attempting to open the evaluator again without renewal will result in telling you to go to Solomon's General Store.
  • Permanently unlocking the evaluator will give 2 messages: "You have purchased a permanent unlock for the wealth evaluator.
    You have permanently unlocked the wealth evaluator."
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