Weaponsmaster chathead

The weaponsmaster plays a role and is encountered during the Shield of Arrav quest. He is found upstairs in the southern alley of Varrock.

After an update, Phoenix Gang members can no longer attack the Weaponsmaster. In the past, if a member of the Phoenix Gang tried to take a crossbow, he will notify them that it belonged to Straven and prevent them from taking it. After an update a message will instead come up, saying, "I'm not going to attack a fellow gang member." This is ironic, as the thieves inside the Phoenix Gang's base itself can be attacked, though they may not necessarily be part of the Gang. However, members of both gangs, or even those not in either gang, can cast Telekinetic Grab once they arrive in the weapon store room to take these crossbows, but may be noticed if the player has already spoken to him.

Prior to an update if the player was a member of the Black Arm Gang he would attack the player. The Weaponsmaster would attack the player if they attempted to take either of the two available Phoenix crossbows (both are needed to complete the quest). As a result, he had to be killed in order to get them. He would also attack members of the Black Arm Gang if they tried to talk to him.

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