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The Weathered Tarddian Journal is a journal found during and after the quest The Light Within on the planet of Tarddiad. It can be found in the far north, west of the river in a bush. It fills in a backstory of the elven's history in the quest. The lore relates directly to the aftermath of the Elven Exodus though the world gate, and those left behind. Reading this journal is a requirement to obtain the master quest cape.

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The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Weathered Tarddian Journal.

Our world has fallen silent. Homes have been abandoned, families have been broken apart and an entire world all but deserted. Seren, beautiful, beloved, Seren has left our world and with her has gone the vast majority of our people. All that remains are those that cannot travel and those of us that cannot bring ourselves to leave our beloved home.

We have gathered at Cysur. It may not be our biggest city, but our numbers feel less terrifying in this smaller venue. I fear for the elves here, our numbers are small and perhaps insufficient to maintain a viable population. I keep this secret though and preach to them of community and togetherness.

The first deaths have already begun. Those already suffering even before the Sickness. Without her there is no cure and they all know it. We should have gone with the others. Now we've turned our home world into a tomb.

-Hanesydd, Lady of house Cywir


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