Weight (Stolen Hearts) detail

The weight is a quest item used during Stolen Hearts. Nine weights surround a puzzle in Al Kharid palace's vault, eight of which are the same weight. One weight is heavier than the rest, and is used to retrieve the Kharid-ib, a diamond required to progress the quest.

Players have exactly two attempts to determine the weight with the diamond in it.

  • Place any two random sets of 3 weights on each side of the scales.
    • If one side is heavier than the other, you know that one of the three on that side is the heavy one.
    • If both sides weigh the same, then you know that the heavy weight is one of the three you did not choose.
  • Now that you have it narrowed down to 3 weights, put one of those 3 on the left side, another on the right and the third one aside.
    • If the two chosen weights are the same, then you know that the third one is the heavy one.
  • Once you find the heavy weight, drag the weight to the bag to take it into your inventory.

Please note if players log off, they will find themselves outside the palace. Simply talk to Ozan again to be taken back into the diamond room.

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