Weird gloop detail

Weird gloop is an unknown substance contained in a bucket, created as the result of not following the process for creating magic glue properly during The Eyes of Glouphrie. It is created by using rune or pure essence on an anvil to create rune shards, grinding the shards to create rune dust, and then mixing the dust with a bucket of sap.

The error made when creating weird gloop is that mud runes, not rune or pure essence, should be ground to create the glue. The resulting bucket of weird gloop has no use, but can be emptied to retain the bucket. Creating weird gloop prompts the message, "You mix the rune dust into the tree sap. It doesn't look quite right."

As of 12 September 2014, there are just over 2,700 buckets of weird gloop in game, with over 90% of the supply being owned by just three accounts.[1]


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